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Iran's Big Rat Problem

In Iran, rats seem to be doubling in size. With an overflow of rats weighing as much as 12 pounds each, the public is searching for answers while trying to handle the massive extermination needs.

Are We On the Verge of an Interspecies Internet?

At a recent TED conference, a very powerful and varied group of speakers made a convincing case for a redesign of the internet, allowing animals to use it as well.

Cute Cuddly Cats (and Their Need to Kill)

Cute internet videos have convinced us all that cats are laid back, cute, and often entertaining companions. what we forget is that they come from a long line of ancestors that have passed on the the insatiable need to kill smaller staggering numbers.

5 Animals With No Regard For The Law

It's awkward enough when we witness humans committing odd crimes but how do we react when we see animals with no regard for the law running wild?  Here are five examples of animals behaving badly.

Chickens Are More Useful For Fire Safety Than Cats

A family in Wisconsin were recently the victims of an unfortunate house fire. They have two cats and a chicken. Guess which one of these pets saved their lives?

Illinois Now Safe Territory For Sharks

A whole bunch of new laws are due to be passed in Illinois in 2013. Among them is a law that will make the sale and/or distribution of shark fins illegal.

The Village Of Ban Kok Sa-Nga Will Never Have A Leash Problem

People in the village of Ban Kok Sa-Nga take keeping snakes as pets to a whole new level. The fact that their village has become a tourist attraction of sorts gives people the chance to see some unique snake-centric festivities.

The Horror Of The Smile Dog Meme

In the world of internet urban legends, things can get quite dark and interesting. Only on the internet would a smiling dog be the result of something sinister...

Cloudy With A Chance Of Frogs

There have been oddball reports of frogs and other animals falling from the sky for ages.  Believe it or not, these things do in fact happen. Once thought to be an omen of sorts, there are now a few viable explanations for this odd precipitation.

10 Convincing Examples Of How Dolphins Are Preparing To Rule Us

We all know that dolphins are incredibly intelligent. But just how smart are they? Beyond the amazing tricks and cute faces, they can sometimes be just as clever as humans.

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