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Welcome to my Homepage. As a freelance writer and editorial cartoonist, my published work explores current trends on the digital horizon, social media, humor, politics and innovation. I treat global geo-political issues with the same weight of importance as cartoons and Twitter.

Also keenly interested in the safety of our pets, and will be writing here about various issues pertinent to pet travel, pet innovation and how social media intersects with the pet world.

Ron has also been a contributing writer for InventorSpot - the most popular invention site in the world, where he focuses on social media issues and evolving technology.

In a world where we are barraged daily by data overload, I try to cut through the clutter by delivering new insights with off-center, but hopefully insightful commentary. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow. If you need a friend, let's connect on Facebook! But in any event, please come back often!

Salt & Pepper: Chickens Can Be Pets too!
Posted on January 17, 2018

"She’s a murderer!” "She’s a murderer!” My lips trembled as I spoke those words in a chant-like fashion. As a five-year old toddler, these were words I had heard adults use on TV and in the news, but those I dared not utter myself.

Goat Simulator, You Got To Be Kidding!
Posted on January 16, 2018

I guess the original impetus for Goat Simulator was to compete with the Internet’s love of dogs and cats.

Will Poopless Dogs Replace The Real Thing?
Posted on January 15, 2018

Singularity is getting closer every day. But do we really need all of this new artificial intelligence [AI]? For instance, would dog lovers world-wide prefer robot dogs . .  over say, their rescue labradoodle?

From No-Kill Centers to No-Kill Cities
Posted on January 13, 2018

A "no-kill" shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable, animals even when that facility is full.

Comfort Dogs Aid Team USA For Winter Olympics
Posted on January 10, 2018

Based on figure skating being an extremely stressful Olympic sport, the U.S. Figure Skating organization and Milk-Bone® devised a genius solution to help its athletes relax before and after their performances.

Post Your Dog’s Photo In Honor Of The ‘Year Of The Dog’
Posted on January 9, 2018

In honor of this year’s ‘Year of the Dog’ . . . there’s now a place for everyone’s dogs globally to be represented on Facebook. It’s easy to do.

Naturalist Attenborough v. Adventurer Bear Grylls
Posted on January 6, 2018

There are a number of animal advocacy groups, which spend a considerable amount of time making sure animals are treated in a humane fashion

Trophy, CNN’s New Blackfish
Posted on January 5, 2018

On the heels of President Trump reversing the so-called 'trophy ban' set in place by the Obama administration in 2014, CNN is premiering “Trophy,” the critically acclaimed documentary film exploring big-game hunting and wildlife conservation.

From Paternity To Pawternity Leave, Benefits Have Come A Long Way, Doggie!
Posted on January 4, 2018

Paternity leave is when a father is permitted time off to attend to his new-born or adopted child. This type of leave is rarely paid. A few progressive companies offer new dads paid time off ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

Biologists Take Issue With Animal Emojis?
Posted on January 3, 2018

When you think about natural science and all its research pertaining to the animal kingdom, it might shock you to learn that scientists also spend a lot of time 'thinking' about the unscientific.

New York Law For ‘Lost Pets’ Could Become Model For Other States
Posted on December 20, 2017

Over the years, locating our lost pets is a very traumatic experience for many pet owners — particularly since there are so many factors in motion. working against the possibility of them ever being found again.

Dog-gone Christmas Miracle!
Posted on December 19, 2017

This is the second blog in my series of animal Christmas miracle stories.

The Miracle of Christmas Island à la Google
Posted on December 18, 2017

Christmas Island is an Australian territory comprising an island of the same name. It’s located approximately 960 miles north-west of the Australian mainland.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards For 2017
Posted on December 17, 2017

For those who’ve been following the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, now into its third year, 2017’s winners will not disappoint. Out of 3,500 entries from 86 countries, awards were given to the funniest captures of animal doing . . .

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus! But, It’s Them Reindeer You Need To Question?
Posted on December 16, 2017

Remember when that precocious eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote that now iconic letter to the editor of New York's Sun back in 1897?

DNA Testing Rage Is Not Just For Humans
Posted on December 14, 2017

Of late, us humans have become overly obsessed with our genealogy. With and 23andMe, we’ve used subscription-based sites, which may cost as much as $400 per year

Pet Genetic Engineering Addresses Disease & Eradication
Posted on December 13, 2017

Gene modification is a tricky business. As man experiments with saving the planet and some of its most threatened inhabitants are we entering territory that’s too close to godly work?

When The Circuses No Longer Come To Town
Posted on December 10, 2017

It’s no coincidence that this year’s blockbuster Christmas movie. ’The Greatest Showman’ should coincide with the curtain falling on the longest-running traveling circus, namely the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus.

In DC, Pets Are A Low Class Yokel Embarrassment
Posted on December 7, 2017

The world has changed a lot in the last year. Our public discourse, social behavior and perceptions of what is acceptable has changed. Normalization is a threat when actions that were once verboten in the past have all of sudden become copacetic.

Keeping His Nose To The Ground, Sheriff’s Bloodhound Seeks Name
Posted on December 5, 2017

Naming a bloodhound is a ‘ruff’ decision for the Sheriff in Beaufort, South Carolina. So much so, he’s turned to a select group of folks who ironically can’t vote in the state.

To Treat Or Not To Treat Your Dog
Posted on November 30, 2017

Treating your dog with treats is a fun activity, but one definitely to be managed. It's part of the bonding process to become best friends with you best friends, but treat-giving needs some forethought.

Robots Patterned After Nature
Posted on November 29, 2017

While man's ancestors have been roaming the planet for some six million years, homo sapiens only evolved about 200,000 years ago. During a climactic shift, modern man first began to climb the evolutionary ladder in Africa.

9-to-5 Dog Subbing As Therapy Pets
Posted on November 28, 2017

Therapy dogs are gaining in popularity globally. From the battlefield, to the classroom to hospitals and beyond, canines are going where no canines went before.

Animals Benefit Twofold On #Giving Tuesday
Posted on November 27, 2017

While it’s been around since 2012, Giving Tuesday is just coming into its own this year, due to Bill Gates and Facebook.

New Finch Interloper Lands, Darwin Rolls Over
Posted on November 25, 2017

During his auspicious journey to the Galapagos Islands in 1836, Charles Darwin discovered several finches that varied from island to island, which aided him gr