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Welcome to my Homepage. As a freelance writer and editorial cartoonist, my published work explores current trends on the digital horizon, social media, humor, politics and innovation. I treat global geo-political issues with the same weight of importance as cartoons and Twitter.

Also keenly interested in the safety of our pets, and will be writing here about various issues pertinent to pet travel, pet innovation and how social media intersects with the pet world.

Ron has also been a contributing writer for InventorSpot - the most popular invention site in the world, where he focuses on social media issues and evolving technology.

In a world where we are barraged daily by data overload, I try to cut through the clutter by delivering new insights with off-center, but hopefully insightful commentary. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow. If you need a friend, let's connect on Facebook! But in any event, please come back often!

2017 Will Be A First For A Pet-less White House
Posted on December 26, 2016

I’ve been speculating over a year now, as to the next presidential pet to grace the White House?

Parrots Have Speech-ready Voice Boxes & Speech-ready Brains
Posted on December 14, 2016

My last post focused on monkeys and the biological reasons why man’s closest genetic cousin lacks the ability to utter a word.

Monkeys Have Speech-ready Voice Boxes, But Not Speech-ready Brains
Posted on December 12, 2016

That old cliché, “monkey see, monkey do” is true in many cases, as monkeys do like to mimic what they learn from humans.

Pacific Fishers Are Off The Hook From Extinction
Posted on December 11, 2016

Most recently I documented research in a blog post pertaining to the ‘sixth mass extinction,’ which is shockingly taking place as we speak.

If All Animals Are Sentient Beings, Can We Reduce Meat In Our Diets?
Posted on December 5, 2016

Many Americans have pet dogs and cats, and would never consider killing them for sustenance. Yet 'dog meat' is a common dish in the West African nation of Nigeria and has a long history in Chinese cuisine.

Circuses Are Not The Place For Our Elephants Anymore
Posted on November 30, 2016

Animals are herd animals. As such, and according to the American Zoological Association [ASA], which sets elephant care standards for zoos — female elephants should be kept in groups of three.

Pandamonium Follows Bei Bei From Birth To Surgery
Posted on November 28, 2016

The birth of a giant panda has been known to cause heightened excitement the world over —  hence the newly-minted term: "pandamonium." As an endangered species, the panda population has declined due to habitat fragmentation and poaching in the wil

Twinning With Your Best Friend
Posted on November 25, 2016

The term "man’s best friend" has been around ever since owners first came up with the idea to domesticate their dogs.

Man’s Best Friend In The White House
Posted on November 23, 2016

Dog or Cat? The one you prefer might tip your hand as to your liberal or conservative bias. However presidents on both sides of the aisle seem to prefer dogs over other pets.

Why We Should Be Concerned About The Sixth Mass Extinction?
Posted on November 19, 2016

Remember the dinosaurs? Probably not . . . since it’s been 65 million years since they roamed the planet. An extinction event (also known as a mass extinction or biological crisis) is a widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth.

Comfort Animals Take To The Not So Friendly Skies
Posted on November 16, 2016

Comfort animals are a sub-category of service animals that assist their masters with disabilities. According to the American with Disabilities Act , service animals are individually trained animals that specialize in certain forms of assistance.

Million Dollar Vietnam Rhino And Elephant Ivory Up In Smoke
Posted on November 14, 2016

Vietnam, the war-torn country of the 60s is back in the news fighting a modern-day battle. This time it’s a humanitarian effort to bust-up the illegal wildlife trafficking of rhinoceros and elephant ivory.

Billy Goat Gets Bad Rap In World Series Dating Back To 1945
Posted on October 28, 2016

What does the US’ 2016 World Series and a billy goat have in common?

Environmentalist Sharon Matola, Staunch Advocate Of Rescue Zoos
Posted on October 21, 2016

Wildlife rescue facilities — dissimilar to most zoos — focuses on the rehabilitation and care of wild animals, saved from illegal breeders, circuses and other types of commercial confinement.

Puppy Love Weddings For Dog Loving Couples
Posted on October 19, 2016

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and can be expressed in meaningful ways, particularly when the bride and groom are animal advocates.

Ruff Rescues in North Carolina Post-Matthew
Posted on October 14, 2016

Having ravaged the southeast coast of the United States over a five-day period in October, Hurricane Matthew finally turned eastward, out to sea  — but not before it wreaked substantial havoc and fatalities in the state of North Carolina.

Animal House At Saint John The Divine, Redux
Posted on October 10, 2016

It’s an annual event inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi. Since the 13th century, the celebration known as the ‘Blessing of the Animals' has been conducted at Catholic churches around the world each October.

Pet Owners Need To Be Hurricane Ready
Posted on October 7, 2016

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, pet owners are taking precautions for the well-being of all of their family members, including their pets.

Pets That Depend On EpiPens
Posted on October 5, 2016

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the predatory pricing of the life-saving medication epinephrine.

World’s First-Ever Radio Station For Our Pets?
Posted on September 30, 2016

Yes, we’re talking radio station, not television! Many pet owners believe they can communicate with their pets in a way that makes them feel special.

Chinese Mall Zoos & Aquariums Take Animal Captivity To New Depths
Posted on September 28, 2016

Zoos have been under intense scrutiny in the U.S., as more and more animal advocacy groups protest against the inhumane treatment of animals held in captivity.

Should Pet Owners Have Medicare For Their Pets?
Posted on September 26, 2016

Medical care for our pets is something that pet owners struggle with daily, particularly when care and surgeries start adding up.

Do Animals Mourn, Or Do We Anthropomorphize?
Posted on September 25, 2016

Giving human characteristics to animals is a perception referred to as “anthropomorphism.” This is the process of giving attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of man’

Quiet Revolutionary Sanctuary Welcomes Homeless Animals In Utah
Posted on September 20, 2016

The growing population of homeless existing in the United States is an issue of grave concern.

Is Letting Your Pets Go To Pot, A Toke Too Far?
Posted on September 10, 2016

Getting Fido or Socks 'high' might sound like something out of the 60’s, when the Hippie generation was allowing their dogs and cats to inhale what they were exhaling.