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Many canine breeds came to us from Europe
Posted on August 7, 2017

Scientists have mapped out the largest canine evolutionary tree to date, giving us fascinating insights into just how far back many breeds date and which breeds include genes from "New World" dogs.

Dachshund study leads to improved human treatments
Posted on August 4, 2017

Dachshunds at the center of research centering around a rare and deadly form of epilepsy offer clues to future treatments for animals and children.

The Pups for Patriots Act pairs dogs with returning vets
Posted on August 3, 2017

Service or therapy dogs for returning veterans suffering from PTSD are an effective tool for helping them cope.

Brick from the great ziggurat of Ur
Posted on July 31, 2017

You think your pets have mucked up your construction projects? Don't sweat it. They've been leaving their imprints on them for thousands of years.

Cat saved from poisoning by vodka (image via RSPCA)
Posted on July 30, 2017

Here's one for the books: a cat in Brisbane exhibiting signs of antifreeze poisoning was miraculously pulled back from the brink of death by a quick-thinking nurse and a bottle of vodka.

How to Play with Cat Toys the Right Way
Posted on July 29, 2017

Got a kitty who doesn't like to play with toys? Maybe you're giving them the wrong toys or you're not playing with them right. Find out what you're doing wrong.

Greek Rescue Dog Survives  (Screen shot via The Orphan Pet)
Posted on July 28, 2017

Watch the truly amazing transformation of one sad, sick and lonely puppy rescued in Greece as he survives, thrives and then ultimately flourishes due to the kindness of strangers. (VIDEO)

Cats eyes
Posted on July 27, 2017

Learn about how a cat's eyes function and just how well their eyesight measures up to ours. You just might be surprised at what you find out.

Deciphering guinea pig behavior
Posted on July 26, 2017

Are you hip to the lingo describing your guinea pig's actions, sounds and often times inexplicable behavior? Here's a breakdown of the terminology that deciphers it all.

Adopt a potcake from the Caribbean
Posted on July 25, 2017

Vacationers in the Caribbean can now volunteer to spend the afternoon playing with puppies on the beach. It sounds like grueling work, but somebody's got to do it. (VIDEO)

Dog rescues drowning fawn
Posted on July 24, 2017

"Here I come to save the day!" Those could have been the words of a golden retriever that instinctively dove into the water and saved a young fawn from drowning. (VIDEO)

BFFs Audi & Messy (image via Oranit Kittragul)
Posted on July 23, 2017

Two neighborhood dogs in Thailand that had only communicated through barks became BFFs after finally getting a chance to meet face to face, and the result was just too darn sweet!

Your cat's tail could be sending you a message
Posted on July 22, 2017

What tales are your cats' tails trying to tell you? Check out these six communication signs every feline owner should know.

Cats can be antisocial creatures
Posted on July 21, 2017

Got an antisocial kitty that you wish was more of a cuddler? Read these tips for socializing felines and your wish just might come true.

Birds are extremely susceptible to fumes
Posted on July 20, 2017

If you own birds, chances are you have most, if not all, of these harmful products in your home without ever giving them a second thought. Check out this list before you do anything else.

Dog straining at the leash
Posted on July 19, 2017

Tired of your dog leading you around on walks? Besides obedience training, there are a few products on the market that can help you get the situation under control. (VIDEOS)

Does your cat suffer from seasonal allergies?
Posted on July 18, 2017

'Tis the season — for seasonal allergies, that is. If your cat suffers from allergies, you'll want to read up on the best ways to handle them right here.

Provide your rabbit with plenty of shade this summer
Posted on July 17, 2017

Rabbits don't tolerate heat as well as other animals. Find out what you can do to make them more comfortable during summer months with these five simple tips.

Keep Things Fun and Safe at the Dog Park with Proper Etiquette
Posted on July 14, 2017

Learn these seven dog park etiquette rules before you take your best bud for a little outdoor fun. By doing so, you'll ensure that everyone enjoys the experience.

Senior prom dog with tiara (image via MCACC Facebook)
Posted on July 13, 2017

Older dogs and cats sometimes make better pets than puppies and kittens, depending on your circumstances. Regardless, they definitely deserve a shot at adoption, just like their younger counterparts.

Dog shares blanket with homeless street animal
Posted on July 12, 2017

Dogs have a capacity for far more compassion than we often give them credit for. Here are two wonderful examples of caring pups that will warm your heart. (VIDEO)

Missing dog found alive in Idaho (image via Sheriann Harris)
Posted on July 10, 2017

A 12-year-old dog miraculously survived 9 months on her own in the rugged mountains of Idaho before being found collapsed on a ranch. Thanks to an animal rescuer and social media, she's been reunited with her family.

Extremely poisonous water hemlock plant
Posted on July 8, 2017

Few plants in North America are as poisonous as the water hemlock. Find out what dangers they pose to your pets and your family.

Sea Wolf of BC (image via Ian McAllister)
Posted on July 7, 2017

Dwindling numbers and infrequent sightings make the rare and beautiful sea wolf a delight to espy. Learn more about these amazing predators and their habitat now.

Caring for Aquarium Fish While You're Away
Posted on July 6, 2017

Preparing for a vacation can be a lot of work, but caring for your fish while you're away doesn't have to be. Check out these helpful tips for out-of-town feeding and tank care before taking your next trip.