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My Big Fat Pet Makeover  (image via Animal Planet)
Posted on September 30, 2017

It was only a matter of time before a reality TV spinoff involving pets came along, and its time has finally come. Now owners of pudgy pets have something to watch this fall.

image via Bonnets for Abigail
Posted on September 29, 2017

A pit bull rescued in Miami in deplorable condition defied all odds for survival and has gone on to become an adorable fashion plate while being voted 2017's Hero Dog of the Year.

Know the actual costs of caring for a pet before deciding
Posted on September 28, 2017

A lot of pets seem inexpensive at first glance. Once you investigate, however, you may find that a cheap asking price doesn't always equate to a cheap pet.

Frida, Mexico's rescue dog (image via President Enrique Peña Nieto on Twitter)
Posted on September 27, 2017

When natural disasters hit first repsonders are on the scene, including search animals like Mexico's Frida to the rescue.

Dog & master share same tat (Image by Chris Mendiola)
Posted on September 26, 2017

After so-called friends shared their buddy's tattoo pix online the Internet started to weigh in on the design. So, what did he get? A neuter symbol, just like his dog's!

Researchers say fox squirrels are capable of organizational skills
Posted on September 25, 2017

Not just a cute face and bushy tail: A new study confirms that squirrels are capable of cognitive strategies when it comes to hoarding nuts.

Rats as pets (image by photographer Diane Özdamar)
Posted on September 24, 2017

Would seeing a rat in a more flattering light convince you to adopt one? One Canadian photographer hopes it will after you see her cute pix.

Beware of scams when traveling with pets
Posted on September 23, 2017

Consumers need to be aware of a new scam perpetrated against those who travel with their pets. A bogus Website is trying to get your money in exchange for nonexistent air travel with Delta.

Alternatives to traditional pet stores can save you money
Posted on September 22, 2017

Where can you find great deals on pet products and veterinary supplies without trolling online or visiting a box store crowded with customers? Find out about the best kept secrets near you.

The early detection of illness in birds can be the difference between life & death
Posted on September 21, 2017

Aviary birds are considered prey in the wild. Because of this, illnesses can often go undetected until it's too late. Learn what to look for before things get out of hand.

Infants, pets and asthma
Posted on September 20, 2017

New study information suggests that infants exposed to higher levels of pet and pest dander may actually have lower rates for developing asthma, a chronic respiratory condition afflicting millions.

The role of oxytocin in the evolution of wolves to canine companions
Posted on September 19, 2017

From wild wolves to today's domesticated canine, one genetic factor seems to have influenced breeding practices as far back as 15,000 years ago in our quest for the perfect companion.

How soon is too soon to wean cats?
Posted on September 18, 2017

According to a new study, weaning kittens too soon can impact their future well being and quality of life. How soon is too soon? Find out what scientists are saying right here.

Getting rid of skunk spray on pets
Posted on September 17, 2017

If tomato juice doesn't work effectively for removing skunk funk, what can you do to rid yourself of the malodorous odor? A veterinarian weighs in with the answer.

Why do dogs dig?
Posted on September 16, 2017

Have you got a digger? Understanding why your dog is continually tearing up your yard can lead to a truce between the two of you and provide answers to the problem.

PetHero offers discounts to pet owners for vet visits
Posted on September 15, 2017

Can't afford pet insurance but you'd still like a little relief when the veterinarian bill comes round? Consider PetHero, a discount subscription service for pet owners with over 5,000 in-house vet providers.

Evacuating with Pets
Posted on September 14, 2017

As stressful as hurricanes are to people, pets can be just as stressed. Check out these tips for helping your critters get through the trauma of the storm and the inevitable aftermath.

Mayo Clinic study reveals pros & cons of sleeping with dogs
Posted on September 13, 2017

An interesting new study from the Mayo Clinic sheds light on the habit of sleeping with pets and how it influences insomnia. Find out for yourself how you can improve your chances for a better night's rest.

Alligator strolls Melbourne, Florida's, downtown historic district during Hurricane Irma (image via MFD STA. 74)
Posted on September 11, 2017

Residents of Melbourne, Florida's, historic district caught a rare glimpse of a large gator beating a hasty retreat from Hurricane Irma's disruptive path as the mega storm began to bear down.

Oral hygiene for dogs
Posted on September 6, 2017

New product claims to improve oral hygiene in canines through the use of a simple water additive, eliminating plaque, tartar and gum disease in the process.

Quality of life in older pets & pets suffering from illness
Posted on September 5, 2017

Determine the right move when it comes to your pet's quality of life and well-being with a tool recently made available to the public that can be applied at home.

Products for chinchillas
Posted on August 29, 2017

Satisfy your chinchilla's needs with these inexpensive and highly-rated products designed to sate their desires and promote health for a longer, happier life in captivity.

FrogLog Escape Ramp for Wildlife
Posted on August 26, 2017

Keep your pets and wildlife safe from drowning with these cool products designed to make exiting a swimming pool or spa a breeze. (VIDEO)

Pets with short white hair need sunblock in summer
Posted on August 25, 2017

Veterinarians are finding that sunblock can be every bit as important for some animals as it is to humans. With that in mind, here are some tips for using sunscreen on dogs.

BarkBath by Bissell
Posted on August 24, 2017

An innovative new device from a powerhouse cleaning product manufacturer is offering pet owners a quicker, easier and more affordable way to bathe and groom their pets without the mess. (VIDEO)