Interesting Animal News and Stories by N. Mark

These are interesting animal news and stories by N. Mark.


Dog Lays On Owners Grave For Over 6 Years

Dogs are deeply devoted to their owners in life and in death. One mixed German Shephard is taking his level of loyalty to a new level by curling up on his deceased owner’s grave each night for bed. Despite the family’s efforts to have their furry friend stay at home with them, this loyal dog is not going anywhere without the love of his life, his deceased owner.

Sleeping With The Dogs? One Man Is Taking Animal Activism To A New Level

To raise awareness for an on-going problem with pet overpopulation, local activist Michael Rosenberg took matters into his own hands. For 2 days, Rosenberg chose to sleep, eat, and live inside a 4x10 foot dog kennel on a cement pad. Rosenberg is hoping his actions will raise awareness to this problem and cause voters to turn to the ballot box in November to vote "Yes" on Ballot #240.

Helping Your Dog Get The Right Exercise With The Tagg Pet Tracker

Winter is coming! Is your pet going to get the right amount of exercise they need? Use the Pet Tracker to check out how much exercise they are getting each day to help them stay-fit all winter long!

Stoner Dogs – Should You Be Worried?

Stoner dog is a new trend happening at several Veterinary Hospitals. Medicinal marijuana use is on the rise, so is your dog's ability to get high.