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Scientists Discover Sea Slug That Sheds Penis After Copulation

Reporting in the online edition of Biology Lettters today, biologists from three Japanese universities present their findings on the mating habits of a sea slug, Chromodoris reticulata, living in the warm waters of Southeast Asia.  This essentially shell-less mollusc not only sheds its penis after copulation...

The Biggest Shedder - National Weight Loss Contest For Your Pet

The Biggest Shedder might lose a pound of hair in the summer time, but this Biggest Shedder contest is about pounds - the real kind of weight loss. If your cat or dog is overweight, you can both get motivated now with a national pet weight loss contest, The Biggest Shedder, sponsored by Blue Veterinary Partners, a provider of veterinary internships and residency programs.

"Pets Add Life" Wins Viral Video Award From APPA

The Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign, conducted by a non-profit arm of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), received the 2012 Strategic Video Award, Best Viral Video, for its 'Pet Interviews: Guinea Pig' video.  The video was created by one of the most famous creators on You Tube, Andrew Grantham.  The video is part of PAL's campaign to encourage multiple pet ownership, and it, so very cutely, does that....

Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello Celebrate Linda's Love Of Animals In New Commercial For Her Food Line (Video)

It's been 15 years since Linda McCartney's death and the McCartney family started Linda McCartney Foods, a British vegetarian food line.  Now, for the first time, the animal rights activist, photographer, and writer of several vegetarian cookbooks, will be the animated star of a TV commercial for her foods, during what the family is calling the #Love Linda campaign. And guess who wrote the music and sings....

Where The Pets Are... And Other Stats Released By Vet Association

....Dogs are popular pets in Arkansas (47.9 percent) and New Mexico (46 percent) and least popular in Connecticut (28.3 percent) and Massachusetts.  But then there's the District of Columbia where dog owners represent only 13.1 percent of residents. No wonder people in Washington don't have friends.

Navy Engineer Invents Robotic 'Bird Buggy' For Pepper The Parrot (Video)

Home on leave from the Navy, engineering student at the University of Florida, Andrew Gray, noticed his parrot, Pepper, was lonely.  Pepper wasn't happy being kept in one room when the rest of the family were in other rooms of his home. And Pepper made it known, in the way only parrot-owners would believe, that he was not happy....

Animal Attraction Featured In L.A. Zoo's Valentine's Celebration

Sex and the City Zoo 4: Sexy Beast, a celebration of romance in the animal kingdom, inspired by Valentine's Day, will take place at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens on February 9, 2013.  The adults-only fundraiser has been a hit for the last three years, filled with those who are very curious about 'animal attraction.'

Frog Killing Fungus Is Also Infecting Crayfish

A team of biologists from the University of Florida, Tulane University, and the University of Colorado have found that the persistent frog fungus, Batrachochytrium dendobatidis, is not only killing off the world's frog populations, but is infecting and killing off crayfish as well.  The group learned new information about the fungus that furthers the understanding of how it spreads, potentially making it a danger for other freshwater dwellers.

Woman Gives Birth At Saratoga Zoo While Zoo Bears Watch

A woman watching the bears at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY last Friday suddenly became the watched one as she went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl right on the Zoo's main path. What could the bears do?

Owner Of Cloned Dogs Won't Keep 'A Rope Around Their Necks'

According to news reports, you had better keep any puppies, small dogs, or those of a fragile nature out of Central Park and the upper west 90s of New York City these days, for you are liable to encounter two free-roaming cloned Collie/Great Pyrenees mix dogs - dogs reported to have bitten other dogs and people, not only in the Park but on the streets of the upper West Side.

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