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Posted on June 8, 2009

Respiratory problems affect the health and performance of one in six
horses. Horses that are stabled, even part time, are even more likely
to suffer from some degree of inflammation of the airways, even if they

Posted on June 5, 2009

We can wish all we want that when we leave the house for the day, our
cats find something to do other than sleep.  If they did, perhaps we
would get better sleep at night, while they are dancing around finding

Posted on June 4, 2009

One of the most common types of canine cancer and the number one cause
of canine death, cutaneous mast cell tumor, has been treated with
steroids and antihistamines and various human oncology drugs for

Posted on May 28, 2009

Habitrail loves its hamsters! You can tell by the ingenious activities it creates for them.

Posted on May 23, 2009

If you love old movies, then you know what Humphrey Bogart did for
the cigar. He made it into fashion for the tough guys, the fast
talkers, the don't-mess-with-me's of the 1940's and early 50's.  So

Posted on May 22, 2009

When I say "Anything for my dog," I mean for my dog, not for me.  So when I read about these automatic dog washing machines, I have to ask is this gizmo really for a dog?  Would my dog

Posted on May 18, 2009

Taking a car trip with your pets this summer?  You already know that
every inch of room in the car will be precious, so packing your pet's
necessities will involve some good space economy.  I just found a

Posted on May 16, 2009

If you love to laugh, you have to see these ads.  While I usually find
humorous ads for animal or pet products, this time I decided to
research the print ad winners of about 40 different international

Posted on May 12, 2009

After nearly two years of writing this column, I have yet to touch on the subject of the death of a pet. Oh, I've seen some lovely, very personal gravestones and urns for pets; it just hurt too much to write about them.

Posted on May 11, 2009

I've been a big fan of Doggles® first innovation, Doggles goggles for
dogs.  But now they've come out with another fashion first: Doggles
Mesh Eyewear for dogs, that can be worn inside the home as well as

Posted on May 10, 2009

The cool eco-beds for dogs are made of hemp shells and filled with tiny resilient fibers made from recycled plastic water bottles, or other recycled materials.

Posted on April 30, 2009

While writing about the best aquarium ads the other day, it struck me how relaxing it is just to watch one or two fish in a bowl; it's a very zen like experience that always seems to relieve stress.

Posted on April 26, 2009

Cardboard scratchers have saved my furniture from my cat. I honestly can't thank them enough. But since they started becoming popular, they've gotten more and more substantial... thicker and definitely more stylish.

Posted on April 24, 2009

Cats love to be outdoors, but there are all kinds of very good reasons to keep them inside -- no need to get into them. But Kittywalk has made some fine netted, enclosed cat walks, and you can choose one to fit your yard, deck, or balcony.

Posted on April 17, 2009

The news that Pet Airways was open for business may have sent their
website crashing today, but there's nothing but successful take-offs
and landings scheduled for their fleet of 20 pawsenger-friendly

Posted on April 14, 2009

I'm not close enough to the First Dog to send a gift he might receive, but if you are, don't be shy... steal my ideas!

Posted on April 10, 2009

Even if you are not into the environment, you know that your dog
is.  Dogs are born nature lovers.  They love to dig in dirt, roll in
other dog's feces (you know what I'm talking about), sniff other dog's

Posted on April 6, 2009

Cats don't really care where they climb or
where they hide, and if you live in a small house or apartment, you may
not have enough space to put a cat climber in the middle of a small

Posted on April 2, 2009

"March madness" was tame compared to the excitement
generated by the Luxury Pet Pavilion Show in Los Angeles,
a few weeks ago. The exhibitors were luxury dog product companies and dogs

Posted on April 1, 2009

Birds can be wonderful pets. Members of the parrot family are
especially friendly, charming, and funny. But they tend to scream.
They scream when they sense danger, something new in their environment, or just

Posted on March 31, 2009

Reading through commentary in's helmet law polls, most horseback riders were opposed to a helmet law, often citing things like "Helmets are too hot," but others claiming, "I would wear one if it was more stylish, " aka "if it look

Posted on March 30, 2009

No recession for dogs... I tell ya! It's just a bunny a minute out there for the lucky dogs getting dressed up for Easter.

Posted on March 27, 2009

I've long been a believer that cats and dogs eat grass for a good reason: they need it.

Posted on March 23, 2009

Dog Gone Smart™ is designing and manufacturing dog jackets, and dog and cat beds made from a
cotton NanoSphere® fabric, and will soon debut a line of horse blankets and

Posted on March 18, 2009

Stopping at every tree or bush or blade of grass may be fun
for Buddy and Trixie, but it's not exercise for them or you. WalkyDog, a leash that's designed to attach