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VeaPets Luxury Cat Hammock
Posted on February 3, 2020

Once a cat conquers the 'beast' that calls itself a hammock, you'll have trouble getting her out of it. It feels bottomless, weightless and, sinking beneath a level surface, your cat feels hidden from the world.

PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin
Posted on January 29, 2020

This just out! A convenient way to store and pour cat litter without making a mess or breaking your back: the PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin.

BigMouth Inc Toilet Water Dish for Pets
Posted on January 24, 2020

Does your pet have a sense of humor? You'll find out if you buy him some of these items. At the very least, they may tickle your funny bone....

TroppiPets Hideouts For Cats
Posted on January 20, 2020

Why not let them dream they're in the tropics in these cozy hideouts by TroppiPets?

LUMO Ridgeback De-Shedding Tool
Posted on January 17, 2020

Frustrated by available tools for de-shedding pets, groomer Liz Morrissey took her idea to an MIT development lab and eventually, it took off!

Glide Signs Pet Feeding Reminder
Posted on January 16, 2020

Don't be sorry; just get a simple reminder, put it in an obvious place, and your pets will get their food or medicine on time every day!

PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal
Posted on January 15, 2020

Not only are cats shy about 'going,' but they try to be very neat about 'going.' They really don't like litter all over the place.

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box
Posted on January 14, 2020

.... What was included at the show, was the ingenious LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box, and the judges thought it was special too; it received a CES 2020 Honoree Award for its smartness.

Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl w/ Stand
Posted on January 7, 2020

Dogs don't care if they drip or spill water all over your wood floors after their 'big gulp' drinks. They shake their heads to rid their whiskers, beards, and long ears of the wet stuff and you get to mop it up....

Gorilla Grip Absorbent Indoor Doggy Doormat
Posted on January 5, 2020

.... It is not stubbly or harsh on your pup's feet; on the contrary, it's soft and comfy. Yet, this inch-high chenille mat picks up moisture, dirt, and grime more effectively than most any other mat.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions
Posted on January 4, 2020

What caught my attention first was the Bully Cat Solution, because I'm going to recommend it to the guardians of the cat next door who keeps chasing our cat out of our own yard! 

Delomo Cat Food Dispenser/Toy
Posted on January 2, 2020

Whether you pack this food dispenser with cat kibble or treats, your kittens will love this toy and it will make them feel right at home.

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Handle 
Posted on December 19, 2019

Sometimes, as small as your pup might be, he can jerk his leash so hard it feels like it might break and you will lose him. And it can hurt your hand too!

Yvelife Interactive Cat Ball
Posted on December 17, 2019

"... I will tell you it's the most entertaining toy I have ever had. It entertains me, the kitten, and the two 110 pound german shepherds." 

Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toys
Posted on December 13, 2019

Kittens and cats need to play. But what kinds of toys should you buy for a new feline in your house?

The Odor Removing German Pet Brush
Posted on December 11, 2019

Here's something I bet your dog doesn't have: a brush that removes bad smells from his fur!

Emerald Pet Purely Prime Tender Turkey Sausage Slices
Posted on December 10, 2019

Your dog will look just like this when you have an Emeral Pet dog treat in your hand....

Cataracts in dogs
Posted on December 7, 2019

Cataracts come with age, even in our pets. There are new cataract treatments that don't involve surgery, and I am trying one of them, Can-C, in my dog's eyes. Here is my review, so far....

PetSafe Ricochet Dog Toys
Posted on December 5, 2019

Your dog is going to have so much fun with these clever PetSafe® Ricochet Dog Toys! That's why they won a prestigious Pet Business Industry Award in the electronic dog toy category.

Blackhole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats
Posted on December 3, 2019

The BlackHole Litter Mat brand has gone on to make some pretty cool cat toys! Here are two...

The Over The Door Cat Platform
Posted on December 2, 2019

As far as cat door-hanging furniture is concerned, the The Over The Door Cat Platform, now selling at Hammacher Schlemmer, is in a class by itself.

Twin Critters Organic Silver Vine Lollipops Matatabi Sticks
Posted on November 30, 2019

Toothbrushing is just not in a cat's bag of tricks. With a little inducement, though, there are products that will get your cat to clean her own teeth without even knowing she did it!

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container
Posted on November 25, 2019

Food storage may not be the sexiest category of pet supplies, but it is important. Both nutrition and taste start to fade as soon as pet food is exposed to the air.

Meowijuana Get Blitzed Cat Toy
Posted on November 24, 2019

Meowijuana® is "Catnip So Good It Should Be Illegal™." I can't speak to that myself, but that's how cats seem to feel about it.