Posted on December 11, 2015

Want to  dress up your dog for the holiday season? Nothing brings a smile in the short days of December than an adorable dog wiggling around in a

Posted on December 8, 2015

With the temperature dropping and winter coming closer, it might be time to think about buying a winter coat for your dog.

Posted on December 3, 2015

Some dogs are more sensitive to the cold than others. This usually depends on the thickness and length of your dog's fur, age, health, and weight.

Posted on November 30, 2015

Need tips and ideas for decorating your fish tank for the holidays? There's not much out there commercially in terms of Christmas decorations for aquariums, but no matter.

Posted on October 26, 2015

Halloween is probably the only time you will want spiders in your home. Adding spiders and spider webs to your home is one of the easiest and fun ways to add the spook factor for Halloween.

Posted on October 19, 2015

Need a cute pet costume before Halloween, but don't have much time left? Keep reading for some adorable DIY pet costumes!

Posted on October 13, 2015

Is your dog showing abnormal symptoms, and you're wondering how to tell if he has a cold? Colds are very close to respiratory infections, and can be caused by various types of viruses and bacteria. Here are some signs of dog colds.


Posted on September 8, 2015

There are few things kitties love more than milk.  In a dish, in a bowl, out of your cereal bowl when you're not looking (oops!), cats will do whatever it takes to get a milk fix. Lucky for us, it also makes them look ridiculously adorable.

Posted on September 3, 2015

Does your kid love animals?  Add some whimsy to your child's snack time
with these cute and simple DIY animal-themed snacks that are both
healthy and just plain fun to look at.

Posted on August 11, 2015

Have a little boy that loves animals and needs a great way to carry his lunch or snacks? I was looking for my kid since he is now a big boy and needs to take lunch.

Posted on August 8, 2015

I've started to fall in love with guinea pigs. Did you know that they are not pigs and they are not from Guinea; they are just a species of rodent I decided that guinea pigs seem to look particularly adorable in pink.

Posted on August 2, 2015

I'm the type of boo boo everybody wants.. Why?
Well, my name is Boo Boo and I am really adorable. What do I do besides model? Well, I am a normal guinea pig and I live a very busy life. Take a look at my typical day...

Posted on June 13, 2015

I've seen several posts around the web of cats and dogs doing yoga. I thought the idea was adorable and witty. There are now even calendars and postcards of cats and dogs doing yoga?

Posted on May 29, 2015

Since we do not know what causes cancer in cats, it is almost impossible to prevent a cat from getting cancer.

Posted on May 7, 2015

Easily the most innovative seasoning shakers that I’ve ever found, the Animal Parade set features four cleverly designed animal themed shakers on a clever glass display.

Posted on March 20, 2015

I love all black cats and kittens. Something about their deep darkness of their fur contrasted by vivid eyes always makes me melt. So when I started thinking of craft projects I want to do, I was attracted to DIY projects featuring black cats.

Posted on January 11, 2015

Pets are prone to getting many of the same diseases as their human caretakers. This includes age-related diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

Posted on December 1, 2014

For all you great deal hunters, there's some great deals for your dogs,
cats and other pets this shopping season. To see all Black

Safe Happy Halloween With Pets
Posted on September 16, 2014

For some people, Halloween tops the list for favorite holiday. The costumes, the decorations, the candy - it's a fun holiday. Your fun doesn't have to stop short of your pets.

Posted on August 7, 2014

Got a new pet? Rather than treat our pets like some creature who deserves less than
humans, we should really think and care for them the same way we would
any other member of our families. Everyone has different standards and

Posted on December 6, 2012

Petsmart has a few interesting promotions for this holiday season, including a $5 off of $30, a $15% off of $60 and a special sales event going on for a limited time.

Posted on November 30, 2012

Now that Black Friday and all of its deals is over, it is time for the
Cyber Monday deals (well, it actually looks like Cyber Week for some
retailers). Here are the highlights for the week from Amazon:

Posted on November 27, 2012

Amazon has created a special day for pet deals on Pet Tuesday for November 27. Here are the details for all the Pet Tuesday deals, as well as a great deal I found on Heated Pet Beds.

Posted on November 23, 2012

Here are some of the best deals for pet owners for Black Friday 2012. I'll keep updating this post as folks shar their deals with us.