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Animal Art - Julio Baloo Mamalu's Blog

Welcome to my Amazing Animal Art Blog.

Julio Baloo Mamalu

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Waste Not: Episode 1- Amazing Animal Art By Sean Avery

Artist Sean E. Avery uses a common household item to create beautiful animals. Take a look at these wonderful designs.

Charming Animal Illustrations of Gabriella Barouch

Gabriella Barouch creates charming animal illustrations that draw you into unexpected, special worlds.

Bugs, Birds and Other Bolted Beauties by Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet creates finely designed animal art using metal that is not welded or soldered, but carefully and masterfully screwed together.

CGI Animal Art of Thomas Mangold

Thomas Mangold creates some lifelike animal art with some masterfully computer generated animal photography!

Intricrate Animal Art of Eric Hudgins

Eric Hudgins produces a vast array of animal art with stunning detail, color and concept!

An Art of Animal Advertising; Art of Ross Brown

Using Advertising as an art form, photographer Ross Brown has innovated some unbelievably believable animal art that will make you look twice!

Cosmic Animals of Drew Turner

Drew Turner produces a series of wildlife designs, animations and even outfits based on his art work. His style is equal parts galactic and natural.

Technimals! Circuit Board Animals of Steven Rodrig

Steven Rodrig takes computer circuit boards and makes marvels of art out of them. Especially tech-tastic are his animal designs!

Attack in a Box! Insane Animal Art of Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes paints life-like animals in both 3D geometric shapes and unbelievable sittuations!

Oh, That's Nice... Clever Animal Comics by Liz Climo

Cartoon and animal character artist Liz Climo creates fun comics based on the weird and wonderful world of animals.

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