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Want to see some cute animal videos or perhaps some silly or bizarre ones? If you are craving something to lighten or brighten your day, come and take a look at my picks for the best animal video of the day. If you want more, you can also check out my fun animal stories or unbiased and detailed pet product reviews. My blog is an eclectic mix of fun and entertaining stuff for pet and animal lovers.

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Cat Jump

The struggle of this little feline attempting to get into his pen is symbolic of me trying to obtain my dreams...


In today's video, a chimpanzee effectively demonstrates the correct way to carry a lot of food... Either that or my neighbor has been shooting videos of me again.


"Hey, honey?  Is it me or is that a very strange crab in our living room?"

"Its not you.  I can't seem to get it out of the house.  At least it is taking care of all of those annoying toy mice that are all over the place."

Dog 3

What better way to commemorate the first day of Fall than with a fall?  Or, in this case... more of a push.

Umbrella bird

Take a close look at that picture.  It took me a bit to understand what I was looking at.  Read on to see what I mean...

Tiny Pug

Crank the cute knob up to 11!  This little pug is gonna melt your heart.

Horse Bike

Is the upkeep of a fine steed out of your price range?  Do you need some cardio while riding in style?  Perhaps the horse bike is for you!

Shoebill Stork

This is Sushi, a rather large, rare shoebill stork.  He enjoys visits from people--but is very formal.  You can only approach if you know the rules...

Dog Berry

Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew.  In this case, this poor guy can't even get the bite!


Today is Batman Day, and to mark this prestigious occasion this video focuses on a lesser known villain in the Batman universe: Man-Bat.  And while his name is somewhat silly, I would not want to run into this guy...


They're cute.  They're cuddly.  They make adorable mewling sounds.  And they breed.  Oh, do they breed...


See that guy on the horse?  That's a man!  If you want proof, start counting the number of horses he's leading...

Cat and Monkey 2

There are many unlikely friendships formed by animals.  This is a fine example of a case where size, color, race, and even species have no bearing on the ability to play together.


If you have seen Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome you will remember the awesome fight scene in the Thunderdome itself.  But you've never seen it like this before...


Insects weren't always small.  Check out the variety of bugs that would freak people out if they still lived today...


Cats are known to jump at anything.  My little panther just saw an odd item on the floor (a paper towel) and bounced up in the air with her cat super powers.  But when cats meet their shadows, it becomes a battle of wills....


Have you ever seen a Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine?  Nor had I, until this video.  And its quite cute


Fame always comes with a price.  In this case an aggravated fan attacks Barney the Dinosaur and the brawl is city-wide.  The word "epic" comes to mind...


This is one big roach.  No kidding.  This sucker even makes me cringe a bit...


Twinkie is on a mission--the break the Guinness World Record on bursting 100 balloons!  But is she fast enough?


I could strive my entire life to be as cool as this dog... and I would fail.  This video is quite short, but the coolness it readily apparent.  And there is a little more to it...


We all know that sharks are eating machines, but this video is a great example of how they simply don't discriminate when it comes to what they consume.  I have to wonder if they make antacids for these critters.


I must see my friend!  But how can I get past these transparent human-made force fields!?!??


Fans of The Flash (both the television show and the comics) know who King Shark is.  But to see him on-screen for the first time was pretty jaw(s) dropping!


This is something every pet owner should see.  While emotionally disturbing and using a not necessarily proper technique, this is a method that could potentially save your dog's life.