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Groundhog Day Features Longest Running Weather Forecast

The world's foremost weather prognosticator has tens of thousands of fans coming to his doorstep on one special day of each year, has his longrange weather prediction mentioned in local forecasts around the globe on that day, and even has a ball held in his honor, along with numerous other celebrations.  And, he's been forecasting for 127 years! 

3 Most Popular Pets in U.S. Homes - The Latest Demographics

Which pets are the most popular ones in the United States?  Dogs and cats, of course, but Number Three on the list just might surprise you.  And, of all of the various pets we have in our homes, which one reigns as Number One?   

5 Reasons Not To Give A Pet As A Gift

Everything you need to know about selecting the perfect pet and giving it to someone as a gift for the holidays, a birthday or other special occasion, can be summed up in a word.  Don't.

Do You Treat Your Pet Like A Person? Take This Quiz

Many people consider their pet to be a full member of their family.  And lots of folks believe their pet is part of the family, even though they may not consider it to be a full-fledged member.  Read on and then answer a few questions based on the results of a couple of studies designed to show how much we consider pets to be part of the family. 

10 College Mascots That Are Really Strange and How They Came To Be

Some college mascots simply are truly weird ... but every one of them has a really colorful story to tell. Here are a few of them, from Blue Hens to Purple Cows.

Can Litter Boxes Cause Suicide? Link Shows Up In Studies

Can a parasite transmitted by cats (commonly found in cat feces) cause changes in your brain and make you want to kill yourself?  A couple  of recent studies seem to be pointing in that direction. 

Testicular Implants for Dogs. Is It Nuts?

Dogs have long been treated to being pampered with expensive shampoos, special haircuts and nail polishing, visits to doggie spas during the day or while the master vacations, and much more.  So where do we go from here?  Apparently a long way.  In fact, all the way to the advent of artificial testicles.

Why The Honey Badger Is The Most Fearless Animal on The Planet

The Guinness Book of Records has a category listing the world's most fearless animal.  The ferocious carnivore that holds the title has no problem with running up to a lion or leopard on a kill and driving it away.  It also has a taste for snakes and routinely enjoys a cobra or other deadly serpent for lunch.  Can you guess what it is?

DNA Evidence May Force You To Pick Up After Your Dog

Next time you walk the pooch and decide to walk away from any droppings left behind by your friend, better think twice about it if you're in an area where dog DNA technology is being used.  You may not be on camera and nobody has to witness the dirty deed, but if someone else scoops it up and sends it to a central registry for testing, it's going to cost you.  And DNA technology for scoops of poop is growing.

How Safe Are Petting Zoos?

Petting zoos are great places.  Kids get to bond with animals other than a dog or cat.  Children learn about animals they rarely see in person, so in addition to being a fun place to visit, they are also educational.  The problem is they are also dirty, just like a farm with animals is dirty.  So you need to take some precautions when you visit one.  Here's a few tips...

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