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Creature FeaturesCreature Features features creatures and more... as time goes by we'll look at news, reflect on views, and generally muse about animals, pets and their owners, and who's to say which is which?

When Joseph Merrick (the "Elephant Man") stridently shouted "I am not an animal! I am a human being!", did he inadvertantly infuriate our furry friends? When David Byrne of Talking Heads sang "Animals think they're pretty smart," was he also inferring that "Animals think! They're pretty smart!"?

Questions for the ages to be sure, but our longstanding and ongoing fascination with pets and animals of all sorts remains remarkable regardless of rhymes or reasons. We hope you enjoy these posts for their own sake and for the sake of the subjects. (image via Gilbert Shelton, © Rip Off Press, Inc.)

Hamster Butts: So Small, So Cute, So... Insanely Popular?
Posted on May 22, 2014

Popular indeed – with two best-selling photo books and another on the way, hamster butts (“hamketsu” in Japanese) are sweeping Japan like, er, like only a hamster butt can.

Amazingly Lifelike Midofelt Wool Felt Artwork Soothes Grieving Pet Owners
Posted on May 21, 2014

Midori Nakayama is making a name for herself as a master of wool felt artwork memorializing dearly departed pets.

Cat Milk Teeth & Whisker Boxes Help Preserve Precious Kittenhood Memories
Posted on May 19, 2014

The people who brought us the Baby's Umbilical Cord Stump Saver are at it again, and this time they've come for your kittens... specifically, their dropped milk teeth and kitty whiskers.

Human vs Dog Race Shows Off Dogs Trained To Safely Restrain
Posted on May 17, 2014

The “Heartbeat 50m” human vs dog race held in the Chinese city of Changsha featured various people – many dressed in costumes – being chased by specially trained dogs. That's ruff!

Angry Beaver Terrorizes Canadian Town
Posted on May 14, 2014

A lost beaver with a chip on its shoulder virtually shut down the town of Miramichi, New Brunswick, angrily attacking anyone who tried to take its picture. Maybe we should re-name it “Justin Beaver”.

Pet Tortoise Lost 32 Years Ago Found Alive In An Upstairs Room
Posted on May 10, 2014

Manuela, a red-footed tortoise and beloved pet of the Almeida family of Rio de Janeiro, went missing in 1982 but she didn't go far: the family finally discovered her in a furniture-choked attic room having survived on termites for over 30 years.

Basket Cage Dog Muzzle Ad Illustrations Are Disturbingly Cute
Posted on May 6, 2014

Plastic basket cage dog muzzles listed at are modeled by real live dogs but the same muzzles sold at China's Taobao online marketplace are shown on cute stuffed toy dogs instead.

Posted on May 5, 2014

Every once in a while the worlds of people and animals meet in a weird, wild and wonderful way.

Thar She Blows! The Top 8 Exploding Whales
Posted on May 2, 2014

Cetaceans don't explode very often but when they do, they make a whale of a mess. Here's what can we expect when Moby Dick meets his end with a bang and not a whimper.

Kittens Of The Sea: Nine Legendary Ship's Cats
Posted on April 9, 2014

These nine legendary ship's cats embarked upon epic voyages of discovery, dangerous wartime missions and the odd three-hour cruise, keeping sailors company while ensuring their vessels remained vermin-free.

Niconico Nekomura Horse Mask Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Just Says Neigh
Posted on March 26, 2014

Celebrate the Year of the Horse with the Niconico Nekomura Horse Mask Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory. It's an ideal way to keep the Horse Mask meme going strong long after the original thrill has gone.

Safari, So Good: Lion Head Backpack Gets You To Class With Pride
Posted on March 11, 2014

Get that monkey off your back and put a lion there instead. This frighteningly realistic lion head backpack will make the wearer a big “mane” on campus faster than you can say “Bwana I wanna!”

Forbidden Kitties: The Emperor Of China's Court Cats
Posted on February 27, 2014

About a hundred stray and semi-feral cats roam the vermilion walkways of Beijing's 500-year-old Forbidden City.

Cute Creepy Lykoi Cats Look Like Miniature Werewolves
Posted on February 17, 2014

Lykoi Cats look a lot like little werewolves and these strikingly cute (or jaw-droppingly creepy, depending on your POV) felines first appeared almost four years ago as a natural mutation from a black domestic shorthair mother.

Share Your Love for Wolves On Valentine's Day
Posted on February 6, 2014

Are roses and chocolates too mild by a mile when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts? Switch things up and go wild with cuddly wolf plushies from the International Wolf Center.

Just Mist It! Ten Amazing Animals On Breathtakingly Cold Mornings
Posted on January 31, 2014

Watching my neighbor's cat huffing and puffing his way across our yard at sunrise like a tiny, furry steam locomotive brought home the fact that pets and animals breathe much more visually in frigid winter weather.

NicoNico Nekomura iCat Makes A Cute Clear Case For The Apple iPhone 5c
Posted on January 16, 2014

The iCat is a clear smartphone jacket that enhances the look of your Apple iPhone 5C while letting the phone's true colors shine through.

Meet Shru, The Rechargeable Robotic Companion For Cats & Kittens
Posted on January 9, 2014

If you've got the former you'll want to follow up with the latter! Kickstarter-funded Shru is an “intelligent cat companion” that interacts and entertains your cat while you're away.

Mask Hysteria: 10 Amazing Cats & Dogs Wearing Horse Masks
Posted on January 5, 2014

2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac so what better way to ring in the new year than with 10 amazing cats & dogs wearing creepy cute horse masks?

The Cat Came Back: Lost Sweater-wearing Pet Now Home For The Holidays
Posted on December 26, 2013

Call it a Christmas miracle or simply a case of a cat whose sense of smell was dulled by seasonal ice and snow, but Meow-Meow is back in the arms of his loving family once again.

365-Day Cat Calendar Makes Every Day Caturday
Posted on December 25, 2013

The Neko Maru 2014 Daily Cat Calendar from Japan displays a different cute cat every day of the year.

Cock-A-Poodle-Do? Chinese Chicken's Curls Could Popularize Permed Poultry
Posted on December 16, 2013

Images of a curious curly-feathered chicken from China's Henan province have confused and delighted millions of netizens since photos of the luxuriously-coifed rooster were posted online.

Moar Butter: A Cornucopia Of Cats Eating Corn
Posted on December 6, 2013

Can cats eat corn? You betcha, and a multitude of internet images do not lie!

Catmilk: Milk FOR Cats, Not FROM Cats
Posted on December 4, 2013

What the heck is Catmilk? Made and marketed by Whiskas, Catmilk sounds like milk collected from lactating cats but actually the opposite is true.

ACCT Philly's Black Friday Event Features Fee-Waived Adoptions On Black Pets
Posted on November 24, 2013

The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) is holding a special Black Friday Adoption Event featuring discounted adoption fees on all pets and fee-waived adoptions on black animals.