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Creature FeaturesCreature Features features creatures and more... as time goes by we'll look at news, reflect on views, and generally muse about animals, pets and their owners, and who's to say which is which?

When Joseph Merrick (the "Elephant Man") stridently shouted "I am not an animal! I am a human being!", did he inadvertantly infuriate our furry friends? When David Byrne of Talking Heads sang "Animals think they're pretty smart," was he also inferring that "Animals think! They're pretty smart!"?

Questions for the ages to be sure, but our longstanding and ongoing fascination with pets and animals of all sorts remains remarkable regardless of rhymes or reasons. We hope you enjoy these posts for their own sake and for the sake of the subjects. (image via Gilbert Shelton, © Rip Off Press, Inc.)

Submariner Camera Gives You A Goldfish-Eye View
Posted on October 22, 2016

The Submariner Camera combines the video prowess of a GoPro with the in-your-aquarium POV of a pet tropical fish.

Cat At Night, The Brandy For Cat Owners, Will Leave You Feline Fine
Posted on October 21, 2016

Cat At Night is a 12-year-old brandy made in Japan from European grapes; crafted to evoke the suppleness and mystery of a cat roaming the evening hours.

Clever Couple's Cat Ladder Solves Flap Over Cat Flap Ban
Posted on October 20, 2016

A cat-owning British couple whose landlord banned them from installing cat flaps on their rental cottage's back doors decided to take the high road... or at least, their tomcat Nelson did.

The Top 10 Weird, Creepy & Disturbing Pet Cemetery Tombstones
Posted on October 19, 2016

You don't have to be Stephen King to know pet cemeteries can be disturbing places. Don't blame the pets; blame those who honor their dearly departed animal friends with maudlin memorial markers and over-the-top tombstones.

Cats & Dogs Chess Set Livens Up Board Game Battles
Posted on October 18, 2016

It's gaming cats & dogs thanks to this richly detailed cats & dogs chess set that makes every player a pet-loving pawn star.

Homemade “Cat-Lift” Pet Elevator Carries Cute Calico Kitty In Style
Posted on October 17, 2016

A so-called “cat-lift” constructed by a caring and clever cat-lover from Germany safely transports a pampered calico cat from upstairs to downstairs and back, all at the whim of the critter.

Creepy Creature Caught Cantering 'Cross Cemetery
Posted on October 16, 2016

A mysterious canine creature seen trotting through the graveyard of a small New Hampshire town has left police scratching their heads... and nervous residents scrambling for answers.

Cat-Proof Chair Keeps Heat-Seeking Kitties From Stealing Your Seat
Posted on October 15, 2016

The Norenya Isu cat-proof chair folds over, covering the warm place your posterior has just left so your cat can't occupy the temporarily vacant space.

Snow Monkey Stickers Turn Your Bath Tub Into A Japanese Hot Spring
Posted on October 14, 2016

Make bath time more fun than a rain-barrel of monkeys with reusable stickers featuring Japan's famous hot spring snow monkeys.

Smiling Tuna Plushie Reveals Its Tasty Inner Workings
Posted on October 13, 2016

If you love stuffed animals so much you could eat 'em up, you'll be drooling over an educational plush skipjack tuna whose eminently edible innards are held together with velcro fasteners.

Bite Me: The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Pet Chew Toys
Posted on October 12, 2016

Pet chew toys come in as many varieties as pets themselves and just like the dogs and cats we “chews”, some of these toys find themselves on the fringe where weird meets bizarre.

Storm-Tossed Eagle Gets Up In Some Guy's Grill
Posted on October 11, 2016

A Florida driver hurrying to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew picked up an unexpected passenger: a somewhat bedraggled but still proud Bald Eagle that was blown into his car's grill.

3D Pet Photos Seem To Pop Right Out Of The Frame
Posted on October 10, 2016

Post your pet's digital photo to Poppet and this Japanese company will take it to the next dimension – literally.

Cat Punch Gloves Make Pawing Your Smartphone More Fashionable
Posted on October 9, 2016

Curious cats and kittens love to “cat punch” items of interest and now you can too, at least virtually, thanks to Cat Punch Gloves designed for swiping smartphone screens in all kinds of weather.

London Market Flippers Off Customers On Porpoise
Posted on October 8, 2016

There's something fishy about the “Fresh Fish Meat & Poultry Market” in North London, UK, which appears to advertise dolphin meat among its other offerings.

Retired Coin-Op Storefront Horses Put Out To Pasture
Posted on October 7, 2016

They once rocked generations of city kids for a quarter a pop but thanks to artist Lisa Brawn, a small herd of retired, rescued and refurbished mechanical horses now gently rocks the wind-swept Alberta prairie.

Creepy Green “Spider From Mars” Freaks Out Rural Russians
Posted on October 6, 2016

Residents of Penza, Russia are feeling a might jittery after pictures of a bizarre green “alien” creature with a bloated humanoid head was posted on the local community website.

Kitten Enjoys Tiny Pancake Breakfast Made By World's Coolest Boyfriend
Posted on October 5, 2016

It's good to be the new kitten on the block: guys cook awesome tiny pancake breakfasts so your Forever Mom won't worry when she goes out of town.

Necked Up: The Top 10 Weird and Bizarre Pet Collar Tags
Posted on October 4, 2016

The neighbor's cat has a dog-bone ID tag on his collar... either his owners are idiots or they've got a warped sense of humor.

Crocheted Catnip Cat Toy Eyeball Visualizes Horror
Posted on October 3, 2016

Feed your killa kitty's wildest dreams and evoke your own worst nightmares with a handmade, overly anatomically correct, crocheted catnip cat toy eyeball.

Computer Turtle Mouse Is Worth Shelling Out For
Posted on October 2, 2016

The computer mouse may have gotten off to a fast start but this snappy-looking computer turtle from Shanghai Donya may just end up winning the race.

Cat-Eared Neko-Helmet Ensures You're Kitten For The Cycle
Posted on October 1, 2016

Hey Wild Hogs, think the Eye of the Tiger's not good enough for ya? Cat-eared motorcycle helmets from Russian manufacturer Nitrinos motostudio ensure you look like a cheetah while blasting down the highway at similar speeds.

Shaggy Rainforest Caterpillar Looks Like Donald Trump's Hair
Posted on September 30, 2016

Nature trumps humanity once again as the oft-mocked shaggy hairdo sported by Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump looks amusingly similar to a poisonous yellow-furred caterpillar.

Japan's Cutest Bathroom Tissue For Those Who Just Love Cats
Posted on September 29, 2016

No matter how kitten-soft your bathroom tissue may be, it will never be as cute as “I Just Love Cats” toilet paper from Japan.

Bear Digs Up WW2 Grenade, Avoids Grisly Fate
Posted on September 28, 2016

A shaggy resident of a Polish zoo who dug up and played with a World War II grenade might be smarter than the average bear... luckily, it didn't make any boo-boos nor cause any boom-booms.