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Pet Seat Belts Save Lives

It's May, summer's coming, and many people kick off summer vacation season with a Memorial Day road trip. If you're planning to bring Fido along, remember to consider his safety. With pets, as with humans, seat belts save lives!

Golden Retrievers Deployed To Comfort Bostonians

A group of golden retrievers from the Lutheran Church's K9 Comfort Dog program recently traveled to Boston to help those suffering in the wake of the marathon attack. Their April 15th arrival in the city was arranged by Reverend Ingo Dutmann, pastor of Boston's First Lutheran Church, located just blocks away from the marathon finish line. Their job was to provide a comforting and healing presence to those in need of anxiety reduction.

3 Humorous Accessories For Your Dog's Mouth

If you think your dog is funny-looking now, you ain't seen nothin' yet! From the ironic to the absurd, to the just plain silly, these pet accessories will take the humor factor to the next level.

3 Tips For Travel With Cats

A house without a cat is not a home, but if you want to take your little slice of home on the road with you, you have to be smart about it. Here are three tips for better travel with cats.

4 Steps Toward Optimum Dental Health For Your Dog

By the time they are four years old, many dogs are showing signs of gum disease due to lack of dental care. Follow these steps to prevent gingivitis and keep your pooch's pearly whites sparkling clean.

George Washington -- Founding Father And Dog Lover

Washington's birthday is coming up, and it's time to remember the first president's contributions to our country. George Washington is well known as a founding father, but his contributions to the history of dog ownership and breeding are less familiar. Let's take a look at his role.

Disabled Goldfish Uses Floating Harness To Get Around

Swim bladder disease can leave your fish floating upside down, but one devoted goldfish owner has found an ingenious solution. Check out the amazing video!

Let Your Dog Make A Splash In The Bone Pool

When summer comes, your hot dog will want to cool off. Rover can make a real splash in the Bone Pool by One Dog One Bone Enterprises. This stylin' dog pool is a sure way to beat the heat.

Pets and the Zodiac: Aquarius

If your pet has a birthday between January 20 and February 18, then he or she falls under the Aquarius sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is the "water bearer" of the zodiac, and that water symbolizes knowledge. Aquarian people are considered revolutionaries and visionaries, bringing new knowledge to humanity, but how does all of this apply to Aquarian pets?

Award-Winning Magic Globe Aquarium Features Fine Craftmanship and Cutting-Edge Technology

Combining fine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, the Magic Globe Aquarium is one of the most elegant and innovative products in the aquatic world. This beautiful, LED-illuminated, globe-style aquarium/ waterfall fountain sits on top of of a hand-painted ceramic vase and is designed to allow for easy aquarium maintenance.

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