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Curious Fox Gets Head Stuck In Floorboard

Curiosity got the best of a fox in Hatfield, England.  While meandering through a construction site at the University of Herfordshire, he got his head stuck in a hole while trying to escape.  The fox's predicament made for quite the picture when construction workers showed up for work that morning.

Weekend At The Oxen Races

Nearly ten thousand people in Muensing, Germany attended the fifth annual ox-racing championship over this past weekend.  Was it a weekend of bull or harmless fun??

When Goats Fly: True Story!!

We've seen birds, monkeys, squirrels,and chipmunks in trees, but goats??  Yep, this photo is NOT photo-shopped readers.  The goats of Morocco seem to have flying powers to get them to the top of the diminishing Argan tree where the best fruit resides.  Read on to find out the story behind this rare sight.

Are Cloned Horses Fair Game At The Olympics?

According to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) they are.  Last month the FEI lifted a ban against using cloned horses in the next Olympic Games.  Read more to see what you think about the fairness of removing the ban.

What Will Ikea Think Of Next? Dog Parking Lots!

Attention all dog owers: Would you like to have a comfy place to leave your dog outside the store while you go in and shop?  Well, if you answered yes, an Ikea store in Germany has started a trend you may love.  Dog parking lots could be the next big thing in retail!

Tweet A Dog A Bone

Toby is a lucky dog!  He has his own twitter account and an IT consultant for an owner.  With over eight thousand followers and a computer that his owner built to give him a treat every time he gets a tweet, this pup never goes hungry! Give it a try @FeedToby!

6 Week Old Kitten Survives 9 Day, 2000 Mile Trip in Delivery Truck

This kitten's curiosity just got her a trip 2,000 miles from home.  The Turkish feline traveled across Europe after sneaking onto a delivery trailer to take a cat nap.

Dog's Litter Includes Four Pups & A Kitten?!

The idea that cats and dogs don't get along couldn't be any further from the truth according to this story.  In fact, in this case a cat and dog may have gotten along so well that they created an offspring!

Fortune Telling Ferret Joins The Euro Games 2012 Festivities

Not sure which team to place your bets on at the next sporting event?  You may want to ask Fred the Ferret. He correctly predicted the winner of the first three 2012 Euro Games.

Farmer In South Africa Puts Sheep On Cell Phone Plan

Don't try to steal this farmer's sheep because they have a direct line to their owner!  His sheep are supplied with cell phones, and they know how to use them.

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