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Great Stuff For Animal Lovers from 23 Paws and Me

Welcome to 23 Paws and Me's Pet and Animal Care Blog.

Check my blog each day for some of the coolest animal-themed items available as gifts for your favorite animal lover or yourself!!! 

Also, if you are looking for expert advice on how to better care for your dog, cat, fish or bird, come join me in discovering helpful facts, information and tips.  In additional to the more traditional pets, I also cover tips and advice on caring for more exotic animals and other wildlife too.


Ridiculously Cute Shower Curtain Hooks

Puppy up your bathroom with these ridiculously cute shower curtain hooks!

Puppy Fun and Flair For Your Dinner Table

Salads are more fun when you dress them with these adorable dachshund oil and vinegar bottles!

Sweet Puppy Bobbling Dog Pot Hangers

Puppy up your garden with these cute little flower pot hangers!

Paw Print and Hearts Kitchen Drain Stopper

This fun decorative pawprint drain stopper is both fun and functional!!

Time-Telling Guinea Pig

This guinea pig wall clock is one of the cutest timepieces around!

Unique Dachshund Dog Bench

This unique bench is the perfect pet for your patio, garden, or foyer!

Hilarious Dachshund Bathroom Accessory

In the latest display of canine loyalty, this precious and patient pup holds the toilet paper roll for you! 

Pet Fashion Statement Neckties

Show your pet affiliation with these handsome dog and cat neckties.

Bright Color Block Cat And Dog Lamp

Brighten up your room with this bright color block dog and cat lamp!

Flannel Labrador Lovers Sheets Are Almost as Soft as Your Dog!

If you like Labrador retrievers, you are sure to love this adorable flannel sheet set!

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