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Boo Wow! The Top 10 Freakiest Scariest Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween may have been made for kids but judging by the looks of these ten freaky scary costumes, the end-of-October occult outing is definitely going to the dogs.

Kitten Kitchen: The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Cat hair on your drying rack? It's more likely than you think, and it's even more likely there's an actual cat attached. It may seem strange that pets who despise baths like to hang out – literally – in a place where running water's just a paw's length away but as owners know all too well, when it comes to cats, “strange” is the new normal.

12 Dogs (Almost) Ready For The Football Season

The NFL official football season begins tonight.  Is your dog ready for it?  Here are 12 dogs whose owners dressed them up as football players or cheerleaders, but something in their attitudes suggest that they are not really psyched for the games....

9 Cleverest, Funniest, Most Adorable, Unforgettable Cat Videos From Russia's 'Cats In The City' Festival

An enormous crowd of spectators, 30,000, more or less, flooded the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia on August 17 to enjoy the International Art-Forum GraFFFest 2012, a celebration of the synthesis of street and digital art.  'Cats In The City,' viral video entries made within the past five years, had its debut this year and it was a huge success.  Here are the winning cat videos...

Pandas Expressed: The Top 10 Animal Panda Lookalikes

Everyone loves pandas and would love to have one but they're rare bears, so what's a panda-lover (or low-budget zoo) to do? Make your own, of course, based on some other more common creature! While the wisdom of “pandalizing” animals is debatable at best (or worst), the results will leave you bewitched, bothered and bamboozled.

Rollback The Rainforest: The Top 13 Exotic Pets of Walmart

The sterile aisles of the world's Walmarts would seem to be the farthest one could get from our planet's inexorably vanishing rainforests, yet once you “roll back” the retail facade to reveal the real people populating America's favorite place to shop you'll find more exotic creatures than you can shake a stick at... sticks are on sale this week at 30% off, by the way.

10 College Mascots That Are Really Strange and How They Came To Be

Some college mascots simply are truly weird ... but every one of them has a really colorful story to tell. Here are a few of them, from Blue Hens to Purple Cows.

The Top 10 Funniest Zoo Signs Show Who The Real Animals Are

What is it about zoos that brings out the best in animals but the worst in people? Zoo managers have tried to strike a balance between nanny-like scolding and gentle chiding to keep visitors on their best behavior. The results can be seen in this illustrated review of the top 10 funniest zoo signs... bars none.

10 Animal Power Moves in the Animal Video of the Day!!!

Want to see how absolutely badass some animals can be?  In this video by the Vlog Brothers, you'll get a crash course in animal fighting skills in just over three minutes.  I'm a fan of these guys already...

Loyal To The End (& Beyond): History's 10 Most Faithful Dogs

The best thing about friends is they're there when you need them, and Man's Best Friend is no different. These 10 remarkable dogs are famous for displaying loyalty that goes above and beyond what anyone might expect. Not all of them have had statues erected in their honor but you'd better believe each one of them is deserving.