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Why Bovines Shouldn't Drive: Fun Animal Video of the Day!

I suspect that this video will show why bulls should not be allowed behind the wheel of a fine truck.  And it doesn't have to do with the lack of thumbs. They just plain can't drive.

Soft & Comfy Portable Dog House For Home & Travel

Dogs love having their own home, a place they can go to sleep without interruption, to chew on a bone, to 'lick their wounds... ' Here's a darling Portable Dog House that your small dog can call his own within your home or on the road.

Calving Season In Yellowstone Brings Additional Visitors

Guests at Yellowstone National Park are getting the chance to see elk and bison calves feeding and frolicking in the mountain meadows. Due to a mild winter in the park, the elk and bison populations have risen significantly. An estimated 500 bison babies were born there this year.

New AAA PetBook Locates The Pet-Friendly For You

If you're planning a trip anywhere in North America with your pet this summer, you'd be well-advised to take the new AAA Traveling With Your Pet PetBook, 14th Edition, updated and released just last week. It covers just about everything you need to know to make your pet's travel experience as comfortable and fun as your own.

Pets Won't Need Drivers With The Google Autonomous Car

Never again will dogs have to wait, panting at the door, for mom to put her lipstick on and find her darned purse.  Dogs in Las Vegas and Carson City are overjoyed at the prospect of taking the new Google autonomous car to the dog park from now on!


Corolla Wild Horses (Immigrants Since 1500s) Finally Star In NC Tourism Ad Campaign

Can you date your American heritage back to the 1500s? Most likely not, since the majority of Americans immigrated to the U.S. centuries later. However, there are some horses in the States that can make that claim. They are Colonial Spanish Mustangs who are the direct descendants of the horses brought to the US by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1520. So essentially America was their land before it was ours.

Jolly Bali Monkeys Say Yes To More Than The Dress

Now that's what I call monkey business! A Taiwanese girl sight-seeing in Bali served up more than she expected when a pair of promiscuous primates went ape for the gorilla their dreams.

When Turtles Fly?

Something that has the impossibility of ever happening is often derided with an adynaton: "yeah, when pigs fly." This figure of speech is often used for humorous effect, to scoff at over-ambition. The etymological origins some say date as far back as Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," when the Duchess told Alice she had just as much right to think "as pigs have to fly."

Dogs Against Romney: A PACK, Not A PAC

While some would say America is going to the dogs, there are others who wholeheartedly agree with them, and they're happy about it. In the 2012 presidential campaign, it looks like Mitt Romney may have more trouble getting dog lover votes than women's votes, and 2012 just might be the year of the pet activist.

Large Animals Make For Big Business In The Airline Industry

While the U.S. pet carrier Pet Airways seems to be having trouble getting off the ground, airlines like Germany's Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and Emirates are enjoying their success at not only carrying household pets, but large animals - rhinos, horses, tigers....  You name it, and one of the airlines will carry it, unless it's a poisonous snake or an illegally caught wild animal.

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