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Pet Friendly Travel - News, Stories, Products and Tips

Need information on how to make traveling with pets easier? If you are looking for information on pet-friendly hotels, airlines and other travel services,  vacation ideas for pet-friendly destinations or recommendations on the best pet products for travel, please look here at PetsLady.com.  

We have the latest news and fun stories on traveling with pets, as well as information, recommendations and advice on how to make traveling with your pets more fun and less stressful.

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Here are some of our most popular articles related to traveling with pets:

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Jolly Bali Monkeys Say Yes To More Than The Dress

Now that's what I call monkey business! A Taiwanese girl sight-seeing in Bali served up more than she expected when a pair of promiscuous primates went ape for the gorilla their dreams.

When Turtles Fly?

Something that has the impossibility of ever happening is often derided with an adynaton: "yeah, when pigs fly." This figure of speech is often used for humorous effect, to scoff at over-ambition. The etymological origins some say date as far back as Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," when the Duchess told Alice she had just as much right to think "as pigs have to fly."

Dogs Against Romney: A PACK, Not A PAC

While some would say America is going to the dogs, there are others who wholeheartedly agree with them, and they're happy about it. In the 2012 presidential campaign, it looks like Mitt Romney may have more trouble getting dog lover votes than women's votes, and 2012 just might be the year of the pet activist.

Large Animals Make For Big Business In The Airline Industry

While the U.S. pet carrier Pet Airways seems to be having trouble getting off the ground, airlines like Germany's Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and Emirates are enjoying their success at not only carrying household pets, but large animals - rhinos, horses, tigers....  You name it, and one of the airlines will carry it, unless it's a poisonous snake or an illegally caught wild animal.

Chickens Can Be Pets Too?

As a second-generation kid of Italian descent, a trip to Grandma’s house in Rochester, New York’s inner city was always entertaining. While Grandma Rose (aka “The Boss”) wasn’t necessarily what you’d classify as eccentric, her old-world habits and traditions were often an adventure to behold for a toddler who was being gentrified in the suburbs. While household pets in my world were of the canine variety, Grandma was the first to introduce me to the idea that a chicken could also be man’s best friend.

Check Out Pet Friendly Check-Ins

Traveling with one's pet can be an arduous task, but often dog, cat and bird owners just can't leave home without them. So the issue becomes how to scout out pet-friendly accommodations in advance of travel to be assured there will be 'room at the inn' when you arrive. With today's technology and specific websites dedicated to pet travel, that job has become a lot easier as a result of certain hotel brands and even independent inns and B&Bs opening their doors to four-legged guests.

Social Media For Pets Gives Pet Lovers Moments To Paws

With Americans now spending over $41 billion per year on their pets; 39% of US households owning at least one dog and 33% with one cat, is it any wonder that the company PAWS Pet Company has chosen to build the world's largest pet database?

United Airlines Adopts Canine Profiling Policy Of Continental

How to fly with any of 10 dog breeds banned from United Airlines flights?  United has adopted Continental's PetSafe program from Continental Airlines, which was fully taken over last month.  While PetSafe has set some wise rules for canine travel, it also restricts certain dogs from flying based solely on their breeds.


Earth's Greatest Pets Inspire Paul Winter To Celebrate Their Migration

The work of the Paul Winter Consort is legendary due in a large part to the inspiration he draws from the natural world. For Homo Sapiens who migrate annually to St. John the Devine Cathedral in Manhattan for his Winter Solstice concerts, over the course of last four decades, he has amassed larger and larger audiences. They are attracted mainly by his spiritual symphonic compositions that incorporate the sounds of animal life, hailing from their indigenous habitats.

Dolphins Got A Ticket To Ride, But At What Cost?

Traveling by air with your pet isn't always the easiest task. Back in 2009 when the pet-only airline Pet Airways took to the friendly skies, dog-owners… hell, even pig owners… were content in the fact that their pets were finally given safe passage and no longer treated as inanimate 'cargo.' But in two short years, with reports of delays, cancellations and stranding dogs and cats, the airline has had difficulty in generating a positive cash flow, and folks are in need of seeking other options.

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