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Pet Friendly Travel - News, Stories, Products and Tips

Need information on how to make traveling with pets easier? If you are looking for information on pet-friendly hotels, airlines and other travel services,  vacation ideas for pet-friendly destinations or recommendations on the best pet products for travel, please look here at PetsLady.com.  

We have the latest news and fun stories on traveling with pets, as well as information, recommendations and advice on how to make traveling with your pets more fun and less stressful.

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Here are some of our most popular articles related to traveling with pets:

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Tips For Choosing An In Home Pet Boarding Host

If you're going on vacation, it's important to choose a reliable in home pet boarding host. Someone who you can trust your pet with the entire time you're gone. Here are some tips to help choose the perfect in home pet host.

Impossible Cannock Chase Animals

From out of place reptiles to peculiar ghost cats, Cannock Chase is not a place you want to be caught after dark. Its sordid history and recent accounts of misplaced wildlife make it a particularly creepy destination.

The Basics Of In Home Pet Boarding

If you haven't heard of in home pet boarding, it might be time to take a closer look. Sometimes it can be stressful to find a safe and secure environment for your pet to stay in when you want to go on vacation. Here are some of the basics of in home pet boarding, so you can make an educated decision whenever a vacation is drawing near.

Calling It Snake Island Would Have Been Too Obvious, Huh?

Off the coast of Brazil there lies an island that is literally crawling with many people's worst nightmares. The people-to-snake ratio is about 1 to a zillion, ensuring a spot on everyone's Never Travel Here list.

A Bridge Too Far: Dogs and Overtoun Bridge

In Scotland, numerous dogs throw themselves from the fabled Overtoun Bridge, comitting suicide. There are supernatural and rational explanations, neither of which seem to offer any solid explanation.

JetBlue Offers $299 'All Your Pet Can Jet' Fares To Fly Through The Holidays!

From now through September 5, 2012, JetBlue Airlines is offering an 'All Your Pet Can Jet' pass for flights between almost all JetBlue cities from September 7 through December 31, 2012... and there are no blackout dates, so your dog or cat can even fly during the holidays!  There are some restrictions, however...

Weekend At The Oxen Races

Nearly ten thousand people in Muensing, Germany attended the fifth annual ox-racing championship over this past weekend.  Was it a weekend of bull or harmless fun??

When Goats Fly: True Story!!

We've seen birds, monkeys, squirrels,and chipmunks in trees, but goats??  Yep, this photo is NOT photo-shopped readers.  The goats of Morocco seem to have flying powers to get them to the top of the diminishing Argan tree where the best fruit resides.  Read on to find out the story behind this rare sight.

6 Week Old Kitten Survives 9 Day, 2000 Mile Trip in Delivery Truck

This kitten's curiosity just got her a trip 2,000 miles from home.  The Turkish feline traveled across Europe after sneaking onto a delivery trailer to take a cat nap.

Birds & Planes: A Hate/Hate Relationship -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love to fly, but I purposefully put stuff like this out of my mind when I board an airplane.  Who would think that birds, which really don't weigh much at all, could cause damage this much damage to an aircraft?

Plus, you gotta feel sorry for the bird...

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