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Looking for great pet stuff? Want to read about the latest new pet products? Or see unbiased reviews on the best products for your pets?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at  review with you the best stuff for your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, and other exotic pets.

Here are some of our most popular Pet Product articles:

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Introducing Three Modern Kitty Furniture Brands For Your Indoor Lion

Although the entire house is a playground for Joy, my kitten pal, I thought that it was time to trade in her paper bag and cardboard box for some stylish and modern cat furnishings...

Product Review – Organic Oscar 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Scribbles loves bath time, so getting her to test out this all-natural orange oil infused shampoo and conditioner combo was almost as easy as offering her a treat. Let me share how we liked Organic Oscar’s signature shampoo…

The Squirrel Fan Keeps You Cool Without Going Completely Nuts

Is another summer heatwave driving you squirrely? Introducing The Squirrel Fan, a desktop fan that looks like a big ol' bushy-tailed squirrel! Unlike actual squirrels, however, The Squirrel Fan is powered by batteries or a USB connection to your PC, laptop or other electronic device and it comes in any one of five very un-squirrel-like colors. 

Check Out This Trio Of Healthy Dog Treat Brands!

If you’ve already got your dog on a healthy diet of kibble or wet food, why skimp on nutritious snacks? Here are all-natural and nourishing three treat makers to consider for your puppy’s next reward:

Product Review – Peanut Butter & Honey / Bacon-Cheddar Puppy Dust

It’s been a long time coming, but ‘ol Scribbles has finally gotten her fill of both varieties of Puppy Dust. Let’s see exactly how my little buddy feels about the all-natural kibble enhancer:

Petlou Has Colossal & Cute Toys For Every Dog!

Whether you’ve got a brutish behemoth or a prissy puppy, any dog owner should be able to find a toy that is just right for their best friend. Cute, gigantic, rope, stuffed, flat, squeaky, Petlou’s got it all!

Product Review – Fresh Patch

As introduced last month, Fresh Patch was designed to be the ultimate “dog box,” and while it is a novel concept, does it work? (YES!)

Talking Dog -- The Really Funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

Feel the anguish of this poor dog as he is described the menu of meat that he did not receive from the refrigerator.  This is really funny...

Product Review – Rhino Wobbles Toy By Tuff Enuff

Jessie and I finally got our hands on the large Rhino Wobbles toy from Tuff Enuff, and we love to put any toy claiming to be tough through its paces!

Cat Boots! Or are They? The Funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

I need to state this up front: I (not the site) use this product.  My cat loves it, and this commercial pretty much defines his reaction when I give it to him.... Plus its quite funny...

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