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Looking for great pet stuff? Want to read about the latest new pet products? Or see unbiased reviews on the best products for your pets?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at  review with you the best stuff for your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, and other exotic pets.

Here are some of our most popular Pet Product articles:

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Thriller! Dress Your Dog As The King Of Pop This Halloween

Halloween is nearly here and one of the hottest music videos of all time, Thriller, has become a part of the holiday. You can dress your dog as the great Michael Jackson this year wearing the now iconic jacket from the video. This King of Pop Dog Costume will have your pooch being the "thriller" this year.

Introducing Nyan Nyan Nouveau, The Wine That Goes With Cat

What wine goes with cat? Nyan Nyan Nouveau, of course, the non-alcoholic tipple made just for your purring pet! Designed to appeal to the discriminating tastes of oenophile kittehs, Nyan Nyan Nouveau is made with the juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and embodies hints of catnip in its feline-friendly aroma.

Take Your Puppy Everywhere With The Top Three Dog Totes

I make sure to take Scribbles, my Yorkie pal, with me whenever I can, but there are times when carrying her directly or juggling a leash along with whatever else I’m lugging around can be a pain. It’s a good thing that the following three designer dog tote makers are there to help our little friends!

Make Your Dog Disappear In A Crowd: Where's Waldo Costume

It's starting to look a lot like Halloween and to have a truly "spook-tacular" time you want to dress up your dog for the occasion. Oh, but what to do? How about making your dog into that icon of children's search books with a Where's Waldo Pet Costume? Your dog will seem to disappear into almost any crowd as if by magic!

Bake Your Dogs Cake & Let Them Eat It Too: Top Three Baked Goods For Doggies!

You go out of your way to bake a super-special cake for your family and friends whenever their birthdays roll around, but did you know there are plenty of healthy and delicious ways for your faithful dog to indulge in her own special baked treats?

Turn Your Hound Dog Into The King Of Rock And Roll

Time to get the earworm started -- "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time." You know that your dog really rocks, so why not dress him accordingly this Halloween? With this adorable The King Hound Dog Costume your dog will show people who the real Elvis Presley is now!

How to Make an Animatronic Orca -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I worked in the film/television industry for almost 20 years.  A majority of my work involved equipment set up and repair as well as lighting.  But my passion has always been with special effects.  With a majority of effects being digital now, it's always fresh to see specialists design a large, realistic practical effect--like this orca.

Pro Pet Tip: People Food That Is Toxic For Pets

The chances are pretty good that you already know that chocolate, alcohol and soda are bad things to share with your puppies and kitties, no matter how much they beg for whatever you’re enjoying. But what are some other goodies in the kitchen that are toxic to your pet?

Product Review - PrideBites

Just last week, I described PrideBites as “the definitive fetch toy,” and I couldn’t have been more right. Here’s my little story about how Jessie the golden retriever met Tux the flying penguin…

PamperYour Pet With A Red Furrari Pet Bed

Get your motor running! Head out on the highway! Let's say that you are totally a car guy -- or gal -- and that you are also totally into your pet. Then this is just the car for you! A plush red Ferrari, er, Furrari, that is just for the napping comfort of your favorite furry friend. Best of all it is fun for you too.

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