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A Cat Teepee For Native American Design Lovers

If you love native American icons and want to give your kitty, rabbit, or other small furry pet a fun house to hide or play, then take a look at the Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee.

The Top Entry ModKat Litter Box: Your Cat Leaves Without The Litter!

Litter.  Whoever thought up the name 'litter' to describe products that domestic cats are supposed to do their business in, was sure smart.  Because litter is just what it is when it gets out of the box on your cat's feet and body and trails with him all over the floor spreading bacteria.  

Turn Your Pet Photos Into Coffee Table Books With 'PetBook' iPhone App

Boy, this iPhone app makes it so easy to have what every pet owner wants, an instant opportunity to show off and browse through the most beautiful, adorable, or just nutty pictures of their pets.  A PetBook is so easy to create....

Kosher Pet Food For Jewish Cats & Dogs

I  bet a lot of Jewish pet owners never considered what to feed their pets on Passover.  But there is one pet food company that has... Evanger's.

8 Dog Potties That Are Better Than Trees

There are only two places where a dog can pee and poop: outside or inside. Now, we know some of you might say, "There's only one place my dog can poop!" Truthfully, I agree with you in theory, but even the totally housebroken dog may need to "go" inside at times.

Chickens Can Be Pets Too?

As a second-generation kid of Italian descent, a trip to Grandma’s house in Rochester, New York’s inner city was always entertaining. While Grandma Rose (aka “The Boss”) wasn’t necessarily what you’d classify as eccentric, her old-world habits and traditions were often an adventure to behold for a toddler who was being gentrified in the suburbs. While household pets in my world were of the canine variety, Grandma was the first to introduce me to the idea that a chicken could also be man’s best friend.

British Pet Insurance Company Designs Dog Lift To Shuttle Fat Dogs Up And Down Stairs

The British pet insurance company, MORE TH>N, recently designed a prototype of the world's first stair lift for fat dogs, supposedly to emphasize to dog owners that their dogs are getting fatter by the year.  At the current rate of growth of fat dogs, more than 50 percent of British dogs will be so fat by the year 2022 that they won't be able to carry out basic tasks.

Service Animals Can Receive Free Eye Exams In May

Most service animals are dogs specially trained to provide service to humans.  In addition to their naturally great sense of smell and hearing, service dogs must have healthy eyes and good sight.  Merial, a worldwide animal health company and the American College of Veterinary Medicine teams up in the month of May to sponsor free eye exams for service dogs who qualify at more than 200 sites across the nation and in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Drug Shortage Hitting Pets As Well As People In Canada

A cutback in manufacturing of certain drugs by Sandoz Canada, following by a fire in the plant that manufactures the drugs has led to a shortage of 100 medicines used for people and animals in Canada. Doctors and veterinarians are scrambling to find supplies from other countries now, particularly in the U.S.


Social Media For Pets Gives Pet Lovers Moments To Paws

With Americans now spending over $41 billion per year on their pets; 39% of US households owning at least one dog and 33% with one cat, is it any wonder that the company PAWS Pet Company has chosen to build the world's largest pet database?