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Dog Bathing Made Easy With The Portable, Inflatable Dog Shower

Warm weather is just around the corner they tell me. That means my dogs get to spend more time outdoors, which they love. And I get to bathe them outdoors instead of in my shower, a humiliating experience for all of us. But I just found a great solution outdoor dog bathing - a portable, Inflatable Dog Shower from Hammacher Schlemmer.


Want To See Hummingbirds Up Close? Put A Feeder On Your Face

Ever wish you could see hummingbirds up really really close? Well, everyone will agree that the best way to experience hummingbirds up close is to literally have them in your face!

The Best Cat Scratching Post EVER!

There's not much humor in a cat scratcher; that is, unless you're looking at Dog Scratchpost, the cat scratcher by Dutch designer, Erik Stehmann.  Oh yes, it's a beautifully sisal-wrapped silhouette of a strong, proud dog, and doesn't it capture the irony of cat v. dog? 

PediPaws: The Best Way to Trim Your Pet's Nails?

It can be difficult to trim your pet's nails.  Can PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer make this task easier?

Muddy Dog Paws Making A Mess Of Your Floors? Try The Paw Plunger

How do you protect your floors from your puppy's or dog's muddy paws?  Here's an idea for that: the Paw Plunger.  Though it's name is kind of corny, it is descriptive of what the gadget does, and the product has been reviewed highly by customers.

Curve Pet Bed is the Cat's (and Dog's) Pyjamas

The space-saving Curve Pet Bed from Japanese designer Akemi Tanaka offers dogs and cats a cozy, padded place of their own tucked out of harm's way against an interior room wall. The attractive Bentwood beds feature  removable washable cushions and require just two attachment holes.

Getting A Puppy? Then You Must Get At Least One Chew Leg Cover

I know, they cost a pretty penny, or rather several pretty euros to be exact, but so do those beautiful dining room chair legs of yours. Whatever you have that's expensive or treasured, you can be sure a new puppy will be totally unable to resist breaking in his teeth by chewing on it.


Doggy Steps--Pet Aid or Death Trap?

Can your little furry buddy benefit from Doggy Steps?  Sure!  But humans need to be a bit careful around this tiny piece of pet furniture...

DIY Doggie Beds With Duvets By Molly Mutt

Most dog beds come complete with stuffing and cover.  Sometimes we like the bedding materials inside the cover, other times we like the cover but don't care for the materials inside.  One always wears out before the other, but we end up throwing out the cover and the stuffing and buying a whole new dog bed. Molly Mutt has come up with a great idea, a do-it-yourself dog bed.


Urine Gone! But Is It Really Gone? - A Product Review

Have some lake-sized pee stains on your carpet?  Maybe Urine Gone is the solution...