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Posted January 31, 2010 by Lady Bee

There are more than 300 members of the parrot
family and many of them, from the large macaw to the budgerigar (budgie
Parakeets), make wonderful pets.  Parrots are very social birds and
they love to explore and, of course, "talk."  But anyone who owns a pet
parrot knows that these highly intelligent birds need a lot of
interaction, companionship, and challenging toys to keep them happy and


Posted January 24, 2010 by Lady Bee

I never thought that dogs and drivers might
have "issues" with dog sleds.  But inventor Mark Schuette from Bend,
Oregon says mushing can create steering battles because the dogs are in
front of the riders and, therefore, have the ultimate steering
control.  That's why Schuette invented the first dog-behind-the-wheel
Dog Powered Scooter, Dog Powered Trike, TrikeBike, and Dog Powered Skateboard, that put the dog behind the wheel instead of in front of it.  Read on and see how you can urban mush your dogs.

Posted January 10, 2010 by Lady Bee

The Cat Eye Bed, with its attitude and all, is just perfect for one cat
or a multi-cat family, who love to scratch, play, spy on you and, of
course, nap.


Posted January 4, 2010 by Lady Bee

If you've been dying to purify the air that surrounds your pet as he
navigates your home, yard, and the world at large, then you can relax. 
The invention - the Ionizing Air Purifier for Pets - to end all
allergic reactions and bad smells that irritate you and your pet is now
available for your pet to wear 24/7 on an accompanying harness.

Posted December 16, 2009 by Lady Bee

There are two sides of the aisle when it comes to pet products; those who think they're all dumb and those who go in for everything that comes along.... But these 10 weird, wacky, and really dumb pet products should bring both sides together in unanimous NAYs... or BOOs!

Posted December 6, 2009 by Lady Bee

Did you ever wonder what dog's really want for Christmas? Well, it so happens that I was able to sit down with 12 top dog models and ask them what was on their wish lists this holiday season. And here's what they told me....

Posted December 4, 2009 by Lady Bee

My pooch generally sleeps while I drive,
which delights me because if he wasn't sleeping, he'd be back-seat
driving like every other passenger in my car.  Problem is, he does get
up and walk around the back of my SUV occasionally, especially when
wild smells whiz by his whiffers.  Until now, I never found a safety
belt that would accommodate my dog's movements and still offer plenty of security in case the car in front of me comes to a short stop... (ahem)

Posted December 2, 2009 by Creature Features

Kangaroos? In my Japan? It's more likely than you think and now it's inspired a drink! A flurry of 'roo views has inspired one local brewer to hop to it & jump start their sales.