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Tackling Your Pet's Worm Problem With Drontal Plus

Worms are a common problem among puppies, easily picked up from puppies' mothers or the environment.  They can also be easily contracted by adult dogs through microscopic larvae in soil or other animals' stool.  Use this easy to administer, multi-parasite treatment to treat or prevent worms in your dog and to keep your puppy in optimum health.

Shark Dome Bed Keeps Kitty Purry Perfectly Pretty

The Shark Dome Bed may look nightmarish from the outside but inside it's as clean and fresh as can be, thanks to nanotechnology from Japan. You can take superstar celebrity singer songwriter Katy Perry's word for it: her cat “Kitty Purry” won't sleep anywhere else.

Luxury Beds For One Percent Dogs & Cats By Cedel Pets & Style

Cedel Pets and Style believes in animal welfare.  Its design philosophy is that dogs and cats should live in the same manner we do, so it designs Luxury pet furniture in the same style as well-appointed people furniture....


Bowser Beer - A Brew for Your Barking Buddy

It is not a good idea to get your pet plowed on alcohol.  So what can you do if you want to have a drink with your furry pal?  3 Busy Dogs, Inc. may just have the answer.

5 Cool Products For Hot Dogs

A good rule of thumb as the days start to heat up is that if you're hot, your dog is probably hotter!  When the dog days of summer hit, be sure to have some of these cooling products available for hot dogs.    

Doggie Dooley Disposal For Doggie Doo

Don't be deceived; this is not a slow cooker you use for beef brisket.  No, but the Doggie Dooley does 'cook' dog doo.  Don't be disgusted. It's really a very clean and healthful way to dispose of dog poop.

Upcycled Apple iMac Pet Bed Makes Your Cat A Screen Star

Does your cat like to sleep on the TV or your computer monitor? Hey, what kitty doesn't! Now it's time to “Think Different” as upcycled Apple iMac Pet Beds take high-tech catnapping to the next level.

Rear Gear - Butt Covers for Your Pets

This is wrong in sooooo many ways...  Like a manhole cover to Hell, these little trinkets will quite possibly adorn every pet in our fun-filled P.C. nation.  And that scares me.

This Cool Smoke Detector Is 'Tres Chic!'

The Chic-a-Dee bird-styled smoke alarm puts the fun in functional.

Don't Piss Off the Frog

I didn't realize frogs had no sense of humor... until now.