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Looking for great pet stuff? Want to read about the latest new pet products? Or see unbiased reviews on the best products for your pets?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at  review with you the best stuff for your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, and other exotic pets.

Here are some of our most popular Pet Product articles:

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Convert This Dog Gate Into A Kennel

Whether your puppy is being 'house broken' or you are trying to keep your dog from jumping on the dog-fearing guests (those screams are loathsome, aren't they?), a gate always comes in handy - and the sturdier, the better.  

The Easy To Use & Easy To Read Electronic Pet Scale

The one easy part of taking your pet to the vet's office is getting him on the scale; the other part is reading his weight.  Well, Hammacher Schlemmer has an electronic scale like the ones at the vet's office that you can use at home... and it's on sale while supplies last!

For Dogs With Bad Backs... There's WiggleLess™

I've recently come across a wonderful invention for dogs with back problems.  It's called WiggleLess and from its name you can just picture all the wonderful little dogs that can't help but wiggle when they're happy - not just their tails, but their whole backs.  Problem is that many of the breeds that are wigglers are also prone to back problems that can cause serious disorders as they age.

Famous Shironeko, The Zen Cat, Now Has Life-Size Twin Doll

Shironeko, the famous Japanese cat who is more Zen than a Buddhist monk, has had a plush Zen cat doll made in his likeness... Which of the two lies asleep in this basket?

Your Cat Will Love The Phantom Mouse Teaser

I love watching my cat chase his toys almost as much as he loves doing it.  Problem is cats get bored long before you get tired of watching them. The Cat's Phantom Mouse Teaser should keep your cat a bit busier.

Hunting Or Hip: Dogs Can All Dig The Lost Camo Collar & Leash

Hunters need to wear the best camouflage they can obtain to keep a low profile in the forests and hills where they hunt. The Lost Camo brand of hunting clothes is considered elite by hunters as the clothing blends in with every hunting environment.  Now Lost Camo has developed a collar and leash for hunting dogs to match its distinctive brand.


Scottish Hotels Are Taking Canine Customers Very Seriously

Dog owners are, of course, delighted that more and more hotels (mostly motels) are opening up to our canine companions.  But in the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland, some of the finest, poshest hotels are offering a different kind of doggie vacation for 'staycationers."


Infinity Aquarium Table By BCXSY

.... A simply gorgeous geometrical design to be admired, a virtual ocean for small fish, and a meditative object for tranquility, the Infinity Aquarium is hand crafted to order by the designer

Techno Cats Rejoice! THE Cat App For iPad Is Here!

If you haven't purchased an iPad yet, let me ask you one question....  Do you love your cat? Then there's no better reason to buy an iPad than the new iPad app for techno cats called The Affection Collection.  Don't worry; the app is free!

It's Custom Dog Food, DooD

Two European-born dudes, Italian Andrea Carrano and Frenchman Ali Niroomand, decided to start feeding their dogs table scraps, like they did when they were kids.  Since living in the U.S., the pair had picked up American style dog cuisine - bagged kibble and canned wet food - but they noticed that their dogs were listless and seemed older than their years....

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