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The World's First Headphones For Cats! (video)

Professor Meowingtons, pHd. has had a pair of headphones made just for him by Sol Republic, makers of headphones extraordinaires. Why? To block out the sounds of dogs, of course.

Give Your Pet Sitting Clients A Treat With These Simple Homemade Biscuits

Try out these super simple homemade dog treats. They're quick, customizable, and inexpensive. Your pet-sitting clients will love them, as will their owners.

AVMA Opposes Raw Food Diets For Pets

The House of Delegates of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) met on Friday, August 3, 2012, and passed a policy against the feeding of raw or undercooked meat to cats and dogs.  Recognizing that raw food diets are becoming more and more popular among pet owners...

Kitty Is Saving For Cheezburger

Your kids will love learning to save money with this adorable Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank.

Dog Food: The Basics Of Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet

A raw diet is a fantastic way to give your dog the nutrition he needs. Keep reading to learn the basics of feeding your dog a raw diet.

Cat Food: The Basics Of Feeding Your Cat A Raw Diet

Dry cat food is convenient, but it might not be the best thing for your cat. What your cat really needs for optimal nutrition is a raw diet. Give it a try, your cat will thank you for it!

Ho, Ho, Woof! McSteven's Dog Nog Brightens Your Doggy's Holiday

Dog Nog.  Just those two words placed back-to-back make me curious.  I think its mainly due to how screwed up my mind is.  See, in my mind this is some sort of egg nog Christmas beverage... made out of dogs.

I'm glad that's not the case.

You're A Pet Sitter? Show Me Your Credentials

There's a lot of competition in the pet sitting business. To be succesful, you need to stand out as a professional. One way to do that is through pet sitter certification. Here is an overview of a few pet sitter certification programs.

No Tick Left Behind: The Tick Key

....Apparently, even if you think you've successfully removed the tick with tweezers, the tick's head might still be left under the skin.  And worse, a tick can be agitated by a tweezers and throw up its stomach contents into its host with all the diseases that the tick carries.

Feeding Your Ferret: The Ideal Ferret Diet

Because of a ferret's short digestive track, and unique carnivorous diet, it can be difficult to find a proper balance when feeding your ferret. This article will teach proper nutrition for your ferret, and how you can address it.