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Posted March 30, 2010 by Lady Bee

Wetnoz makes upscale pet products, mostly dinnerware, and mostly for
dogs.  Its wares are well made and very stylish, as you would expect
from an upscale designer.  Now, styled just like the fancier stainless
steel bowls in the Wetnoz Metro Line, Wetnoz has styled the new Scoop n' Serve
bowl without the steel liner to make the scoop dish much more
affordable.  You'll be glad, because the design is darn cool and


Posted March 23, 2010 by Lady Bee

Dogs may be in the closet all year long, but Easter gives them an acceptable time to come out of the closet and cross dress.
  Bunny rabbit costumes are so popular with dogs because they get to
wear them three times a year - Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. 
What's the matter?  You never heard of the Christmas Bunny? 

Posted March 17, 2010 by Creature Features

Raindrops keep falling on my pet... no more! The rather blandly named Pet Umbrella is just what you and your raincoat-hating dog have always wanted.

Posted March 15, 2010 by Lady Bee

Artist Alyson Whitney creates ceramic urns for pets that reflect the
joy that pets experience while they're alive as well as the joy they
give us humans.  Her brightly colored palette, painting her unique urn
designs with three or four layers of rich paint, are her signature

Posted February 28, 2010 by Lady Bee

Small dog owners can get away with taking their dogs so many places.
But dogs are more welcome visitors to commercial areas when
they're carried by their owners.  Notice how employees treat your dog when he's at your waist level as opposed to when he's at your feet.  Makes sense, dogs can't pee on merchandise
when they're in pet carriers.

Posted February 15, 2010 by Lady Bee

These are two of the prettiest horse coolers I've come across, and they're a great buy too!

Posted February 11, 2010 by Lady Bee

Whether your dog will relax on his indoor potty with a newspaper in his
paws or not, I can promise you he'll be quite uncomfortable if he has
to "hold it" while you work a 12-hour day. If that's his situation, you
should consider getting an indoor potty for your pup.

Posted February 9, 2010 by Lady Bee

I bet you just love Buddy coming in
shaking off all that water on the floor, hard snow stuck to his fur,
him quaking with shivers from the cold.  The new wearable Towel Togs is
the perfect solution for this weather.  In fact, it's a great solution
for summer too, when Buddy decides to cool off in the lake or under the
sprinkler system.