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Ferret Supplies: 5 Things You'll Need For Your New Ferret

Do you want a ferret, but you're not sure how to start it off right? The cage and supplies you purchase for your ferret can make a big difference in his life. Read on to find the perfect supplies for a happy ferret.

Canine Parvovirus On The Rise In U.S. & Canada

The economy is hurting pets in some ways, even though pet businesses are one of the few growing enterprises in this recessionary period. There are more pet adoptions, and that is great, but there are also more dogs that are not under the care of a veterinarian or any consistent pet health program - perhaps because owners cannot afford the fees.  We see the lack of medical care in the spread of one of the most serious canine contagious diseases, canine parvovirus, or parvo, which is currently experiencing a resurgence, and which is preventable.


How To Animate A Vintage TV In 3D: Add A Cat

Wow! This is the best 3D-TV I've seen!  The cat almost looks real.... What's that?  It is real? 

Ease Your Pet's Fear of Fireworks With The Thundershirt

The Fourth of July means many frightened dogs and cats will end up in animal shelters. One tool that can help is the Thundershirt, a vest that provides constant gentle pressure to a pet's body and can reduce anxiety and fear.

Real Estate Prices On The Rise Again: Just Ask The Dogs!

Last week The New York Times ran a piece about dog houses - or better, dog mansions - that indicate that the real estate market is coming back to life again.  I mean if people can afford to pay $12,000 or more for a dog house, it must bode well for the entire market, am I wrong?  The thing is, however, the Times claims that dogs don't really care about having a fancy house, and so I figured, if they don't care what the house looks like, why not provide something they do care about....

Silver Spoon Sunday - Luxurious Lapdog Living

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth (aka, filthy rich)? Would you present your pampered pooch with this pricey Cabana Dog Abode?

Testicular Implants for Dogs. Is It Nuts?

Dogs have long been treated to being pampered with expensive shampoos, special haircuts and nail polishing, visits to doggie spas during the day or while the master vacations, and much more.  So where do we go from here?  Apparently a long way.  In fact, all the way to the advent of artificial testicles.

A Bit Of The Outdoor Stream In The Frog Watering Hole Cat Fountain

Of course you know that given the choice cats would not drink much water at all.  In the wild, they get their fluids from the raw meats and fish they consume.  Dehydration is very serious in cats, so we need to do everything we can to encourage water consumption.  Running water is very soothing to cats, and it encourages them to drink.  Instead of wasting the water in your bathroom sink, try an adorable Frog Watering Hole Fountain.


Orangutan Enrichment: Apes Enjoy Their New iPads

I hate it when apes get to use technology before I do. But indeed, an organization called Orangutan Outreach has deployed iPads fo several orangutan houses in zoos across North America through its Apps For Apes program.  And, of course, apes are loving them.  They even use iPad's FaceTime to communicate with each other face to face. 


Shark Finning: Poachers Cutting Sharks Apart While They Are Still Alive

Shark finning is a brutal act of poaching that is causing a sharp reduction in shark populations and disrupting the ecosystem of the world's oceans. The devastating illegal operations are all to support the Chinese demand for shark fin soup, a delicacy that can sell for $100 a bowl.