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Thumper-- and We're Not Talkin' About the Rabbit From Bambi...

Massaging a horse can be strenuous work.  Does the Thumper Equine Professional Massager not only make this task easier, but also improve the health of your gallant steed?

Dog Kimonos Add Some East To Your Beast

Kimono my doghouse? The latest trend in four-legged formal wear are kimonos specially tailored to fit Fido and Fifi... samurai swords and geisha girl hairdos not included.

Go-Go Dog Pals: The Toy For High-Energy Dogs With Low-Energy Owners

Playtime is so important for dogs, but sometimes we humans are just not up to it. A San Diego company has come up with a solution that will let you off the hook and keep your dog busy until he plops with exhaustion.

The Kitty Cradle Rocks Right Under Your Chair!

Cats love their hammocks and they love to hide. You can buy a furniture cat hammock unit,  or, if you're pressed for space, you can accommodate your cat with this brilliant Kitty Cradle that rocks right under any chair with four legs.

DogTV Announces Online Service, 24/7 Streamed!

What a great move!  DogTV, which began airing less than three months ago on two cable networks in the San Diego area has apparently decided not to wait for all those slow cable execs throughout the country to offer 24 hour TV programming.... It has started its own 24/7 programming for every dog in the world with access to the internet to watch Dog TV online!

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

We adore our dogs, and one of our favorite ways to demonstrate that love to them is through the food they love.  Couple that with the fact that many dogs are experts at looking pitifully hungry, and one can start to understand why over 40% of dogs in the U.S. are either overweight or obese.  There are several factors that contribute to this high number, but one primary question to resolve first is how much should I feed my dog? 

Pets Won't Need Drivers With The Google Autonomous Car

Never again will dogs have to wait, panting at the door, for mom to put her lipstick on and find her darned purse.  Dogs in Las Vegas and Carson City are overjoyed at the prospect of taking the new Google autonomous car to the dog park from now on!


Diamond Dog Collars For Canine One-Percenters!

Canine one-percenters rejoice! You can have the diamond collar of your choice!

Hand Dog Leash Makes Taking Fido For Walkies A More Human Experience

Walk hand in “hand” through the park, down the street, all the places lovers meet with the Hand Dog Leash from Alice Wang Design. This innovative though somewhat creepy pet care concept puts your pooch's paw in the palm of your hand via the hand-shaped handle of a bright red leash.

An Oldie But Goodie: The Spotless Paw, Paw Cleaner - Product Review

Notice anything odd about this glove?  It's got six fingers.  Do you want to know why?

So you can wear it on either hand!