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Posted October 5, 2016 by Ron Callari

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the predatory pricing of the life-saving medication epinephrine. As the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its subsidiary King continue to inflate the pricing of their drug, our dogs and cats whose pet owners can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions are in dire straits as well.   

Posted September 26, 2016 by Ron Callari

Medical care for our pets is something that pet owners struggle with daily, particularly when care and surgeries start adding up. Similar to humans, it’s been proven when our dogs and cats are treated regularly by their doctors, they live longer.

Posted July 8, 2015 by Beth Graddon-Hodgson

Whether or not you should license your pet is a topic that is often
shrouded in controversy. Some believe it is essential for the safety of
the animal, while others think it's just another opportunity for the
city to take their money. Wherever you stand in the argument, here's an
overview of the pros of licensing, because we know you've got the "cons"
covered already.

Posted November 6, 2013 by Ron Callari

With all the flack the Obamacare roll-out is receiving, veterinarians
might be the next to storm the White House with pitchforks and torches
in hand. Why? Well, it appears they're re being taxed by the Affordable
Care Act -- but neither them -- nor the pets they care for -- receive
any of the benefits.

Posted March 12, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

The United Kingdom’s Parliament has approved a new law requiring that
dog owners must have their canine implanted with a microchip by 2016. These microchips will be required for all breeds, regardless of age, and
according to the UK’s Environmental Department, approximately sixty
percent of the nation’s dog population is already tagged with chips. 

Posted July 30, 2012 by Lady Bee

What? You think I'm exaggerating what it was like to
search for the right pet health insurance plan for almost a year and then finally decide on

Posted April 30, 2012 by 23 Paws and Me

If you think you cannot afford pet insurance, there is a lower-cost alternative that may be a good fit for you and your pet.  This alternative provides coverage for extremely high and unaffordable bills while maintaining very low monthly premiums!  It was a perfect fit for my animal family, and it may work well for you too!

Posted April 23, 2012 by Lady Bee

When you purchase pet insurance, the insurance company generally charges
you a premium for certain breeds of cats and dogs, as well as the age of your pet and various other criteria.  The premiums on
Rottweilers and Siamese cats must be pretty high, because their
average claims are much higher than other dogs and cats.  Today, a pet insurance
comparison website released information on the Top 10 Most
Expensive Pets based on their average insurance claims.  I already
gave away two of the 10 breeds... can you guess the others?