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Pet Insurance - Reviews, Advice and Tips

We have unbiased Information, reviews and advice on pet insurance for your dogs, cats and other pets.

Read our articles and find out about what is the best pet insurance, what pet health insurance covers, the cost of pet insurance, and how to compare pet insurance policies.

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Here are some of our most popular pet insurance articles:

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Obamacare For Pets? Why Not? Veterinarians Are Being Pork-Barrelled!

With all the flack the Obamacare roll-out is receiving, veterinarians might be the next to storm the White House with pitchforks and torches in hand. Why? Well, it appears they're re being taxed by the Affordable Care Act -- but neither them -- nor the pets they care for -- receive any of the benefits.

UK Residents Forced To Microchip Their Dogs by 2016

The United Kingdom’s Parliament has approved a new law requiring that dog owners must have their canine implanted with a microchip by 2016. These microchips will be required for all breeds, regardless of age, and according to the UK’s Environmental Department, approximately sixty percent of the nation’s dog population is already tagged with chips. 

What Not To Eat: Holiday Pet Edition

The time for feasting is upon us, but for your pet, all the world should not be a holiday buffet. A recently released list of the top 10 holiday-related pet medical conditions reveals a trend: most holiday vet visits are caused by pets eating what they shouldn't. Here's what to keep out of your pet's mouth this holiday season.

Move Over Garfield, And Make Way For More Pets Named After Presidents

With the election this week, presidents -- past, present and future -- are on Americans' minds. Some pet owners with aptly named animal companions think of their favorite president every day, but which presidential pet name gets the most votes? And which of our current candidates has the greatest number of furry namesakes? A look into a massive pet name database yields the answers.

The Agony And The Ecstacy Of Finding The Right Pet Insurance

What? You think I'm exaggerating what it was like to search for the right pet health insurance plan for almost a year and then finally decide on one?

The 20 Wackiest Pet Names Of 2012

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) went through its database of 485,000 insured dogs and cats and came up with lists of 50 dogs and 50 cats with outrageous names.  Then, they opened the lists up to the public to vote for the most wacky names.  Finally, 10 wackiest dog names and 10 wackiest cat names were chosen...


Bow WOW! New Survey Shows Spending On Pets Unaffected By Recession

An online survey taken at the end of April 2012 revealed that pet owners are spending more than ever on their pets, even though they may be restricting spending on themselves.  This is great news for pet-related businesses, to be sure.  Here are some surprising trends revealed by the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CouponCabin.


Think You Can't Afford Pet Insurance? Consider This Cost-Effective Alternative

If you think you cannot afford pet insurance, there is a lower-cost alternative that may be a good fit for you and your pet.  This alternative provides coverage for extremely high and unaffordable bills while maintaining very low monthly premiums!  It was a perfect fit for my animal family, and it may work well for you too!

10 Pets With The Highest Vet Bills

When you purchase pet insurance, the insurance company generally charges you a premium for certain breeds of cats and dogs, as well as the age of your pet and various other criteria.  The premiums on Rottweilers and Siamese cats must be pretty high, because their average claims are much higher than other dogs and cats.  Today, a pet insurance comparison website released information on the Top 10 Most Expensive Pets based on their average insurance claims.  I already gave away two of the 10 breeds... can you guess the others?

Facts on Exotic Pet Insurance : Tips On Getting Insurance For Your Exotic Pet

Insurance companies are getting more calls about insuring exotic pets rather than regular animals. With this interest constantly increasing, the push for safety awareness and research is on the rise. Here are a few facts on the subject.