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Dog Costumes, Cat Costumes and Other Pet Costumes - PetsLady.com

Looking for a dog costume or cat costume? Come take a look at what we've found for you. 

Enjoy seeing the cutest pets in adorable and hilarious costume? Or want to check the latest news stories or get DIY costume ideas on what the most stylish pet animals are wearing these days?

Our team searches dozens of costume stores to find the best dog costumes and cat costumes availableWhether you are looking for a small dog costume, large dog costume or Xtra large dog costume or just a fun Halloween costume for your cat, hamster, ferret or other exotic pet, visit us at PetsLady.com where we find and review them all for you.

Here are some of our favorites:

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Lend Me Your Ears! - 10 Adorable Animals Ready For Easter

Ears should never be underrated whether among the human population or those of our beloved pets. Of the latter, the rabbit stands out as the creature with probably the longest ears. Follow these adorable imposters of Peter Cottontail along bogus bunny trails  of their own, and in between searching for Easter eggs, have a laugh or two.

Some Beautiful Animals From The Emerald Isle To Bless Your Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrating national pride, but humans are not the only ones wishing to enjoy this joyous time. Here are some four-legged patriots who want to express their solidarity and love for the land of their birth.

Pet Bathing Beauties: Funny Dogs and Cats Ready For The Beach

Dogs and cats enjoy the beach as much as we humans do. They wear swimwear too, although their fine lines are a bit different than ours. Enjoy this fun collection of dogs and cats at play on the beach in their best summer finery.

Cats in Tanks! Run! The Destructive Animal Video of the Day!!!

The feline revolution has begun! Head for the hills! These kitties are armed and intelligent! 

Chubbs the Wampug -- An Interview with Kristen Andrews

I am a massive Star Wars fan.  So when I stumbled on a cute little pug named Chubbs running through the desert dressed as a Bantha, complete with a tiny Tusken Raider mounted on her back, I had to contact the woman that made the costume.

Thriller! Dress Your Dog As The King Of Pop This Halloween

Halloween is nearly here and one of the hottest music videos of all time, Thriller, has become a part of the holiday. You can dress your dog as the great Michael Jackson this year wearing the now iconic jacket from the video. This King of Pop Dog Costume will have your pooch being the "thriller" this year.

Make Your Dog Disappear In A Crowd: Where's Waldo Costume

It's starting to look a lot like Halloween and to have a truly "spook-tacular" time you want to dress up your dog for the occasion. Oh, but what to do? How about making your dog into that icon of children's search books with a Where's Waldo Pet Costume? Your dog will seem to disappear into almost any crowd as if by magic!

Turn Your Hound Dog Into The King Of Rock And Roll

Time to get the earworm started -- "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time." You know that your dog really rocks, so why not dress him accordingly this Halloween? With this adorable The King Hound Dog Costume your dog will show people who the real Elvis Presley is now!

Creepy Wolf Costume -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm a big fan of werewolf movies, but if I saw this walking the streets I would immediately require a change of pants.  There's just something... creepy about it.  Oh, and after the pants thing, I would run like hell.

Shark Cat! The Extra Fun Animal Video of the Day!!!

In life there are a few things that simply defy description.  This is one of them...

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