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'Game of Thrones' & 'Walking Dead' Tough Guys Call For New Year's Resolutions To Help Animals

Peter Dinklage's portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in the 'Game of Thrones' makes him a warrior of consequence, irrespective of his size. Norman Reedus as the 'Walking Dead's' number-one archer has evolved into the guy you'd most like to have fighting for you if we were ever struck by an Zombie Apocalypse. However in real life, both of these fine actors have their collaborative soft sides.

DiCaprio's Wolf Can't Monkey Around With PETA

On the heels of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) roaring back at Katy Perry's recent top 40 hit video "Roar" for animal mistreatment, the activist group is once again up in arms against the entertainment industry.  This time they have focused their crosshairs on Leonardo DiCaprio's role in holiday blockbuster, "The Wolf of Wall Street," featuring a chimpanzee in a co-starring role.

The Top Three Designer Betta Fish Aquariums

Let’s face it: Your beautiful betta fish is far too good for the mediocre goldfish bowl that he’s drifting in right now. If you’re ready to upgrade your Siamese fighting fish’s home, while adding a piece of unique décor to your home, check out these three designer options for your frilly fish:

Snow Birds Flock South To Spy On White Snowy Owls

Northerners have developed a now-familiar migratory pattern of leaving their empty nests in the North to head South during their retirement years -- or seasonally (December through the March) -- if they can't afford relocation. In the past, they used to be easily identifiable by their white hair color (or sometimes light blue or orange from a dye job gone bad) and were often witnessed driving gas-guzzling Cadillacs or Lincolns down Highway 1.

This is One Hygienic Cat! The Clean Animal Video of the Day!!!

This cat knows how to stay clean.  She even knows how to dry herself--in an oddly human manner...

Pro Pet Tip: Poison-Proofing Your Home

You and your pets are at your most comfortable at home, but if you haven’t been careful with keeping toxic common household items far away from fuzzy, feathered and scaly family members, you’re asking for trouble. Here’s some simple tips to avoid having to take Fido to get his tummy pumped:

Hot Deal Of The Week - December 7, 2013

From December 5 to December 8, 2013, Petsmart is having a Friends and Family Sale. Yo ucan get 15% off of  $60, 20% off $100 or 30% off $150 or more. Use code 12FF60. Free shipping with no minimums. Sale is over tomorrow, so make sure to go and stock up on basics here.

Pro Pet Tip: Why Does My Cat Miss The Litter Box?!

You love your cat, but you absolutely hate it when kitty doesn’t do her business within the confines of her plastic litter box, and it’s driving you nuts. Don’t worry! I’ve got a handy diagnostic checklist to figure out exactly why the cat is missing her mark.

Catmilk: Milk FOR Cats, Not FROM Cats

What the heck is Catmilk? Made and marketed by Whiskas, Catmilk sounds like milk collected from lactating cats but actually the opposite is true. Catmilk is a drink for kittens and cats that's 98% lactose-reduced, since cats are naturally lactose intolerant. Who knew? Catmilk also contains Taurine, an amino acid essential for the health of your cat's heart and eyes.

Chimp Sues Master For His Emanicipation

Over the years, there's been legal cases where pets became the sole beneficiaries of their masters' fortunes. The most famous case in point is when New York hotel magnate Leona Helmsley (aka the "Queen of Mean") bequeathed the bulk of her $12 million estate to her Maltese dog, appropriately named "Trouble -- instead of any of her relatives. But up till now, a pet's legal rights is a nebulous area of the law where they literally have no say in legal matters. That was -- until Tommy the chimpanzee . . .

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