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Pet Care - PetsLady.com

If you are looking for information on animal and pet care, our team of dedicated pet owners and experts share their stories, tips and creative ideas with you.

Bird care, fish care, rabbit care, ferret care, bee care, snake care, hamster care as well as dog care and cat care, we cover it all.

So if you are looking for creative ideas and helpful information that will inspire you to take better care of your pets,  please join us here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some recent articles:

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Three Designer Food & Water Stations For Your Furry Friends!

Pouring food and water into plain old dishes for your dog and cat’s floor-side feast is so last-century, so let’s update your pet’s favorite furniture to reflect your chic modern home with these three artistic containers.

Product Review – Bungee Pupee

I’ve already called out Bungee Pupee’s shock absorbing leashes as a safe walking accessory earlier this month, but how does it hold up against the might of the golden giant herself? Let’s find out!

New Mammal & Ancient Indigenous Tribe Co-Exist In The Clouds

No, neither mammals nor indigenous peoples have been able to figure out cloud computing yet. But they do inhabit the same cloud forests of Colombia. They are an odd couple in that one was first discovered by the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s while the other was just uncovered August 15, 2013 as the first new species of carnivore to be identified in the Western hemisphere in 35 years.

Scary Cute! Meet Bai Bai, Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai's Pet Of The Month

Bai Bai, a strikingly distinctive fluffy white cat, is just over a year old and was rescued along with his sister from a busy downtown Shanghai garden. Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai is featuring Bai Bai as their Pet of the Month for August 2013 but one hopes the photo used to highlight his availability won't make potential pet adopters say “bye-bye” instead.

Pro Pet Tip: Caring For Your Cat’s Paws

As with all other pets with toes, it’s a good idea to make sure that your kitty’s paws are healthy. That said, do not expect to trim any claws, unless your cat is incredibly good natured or if you don’t have health insurance…

No Tortoise Left Behind - Goode Man To The Rescue

While George Bush's 'No Child Left Behind Act of 2001' is still controversial as it applies to grade-school disadvantaged students. Its central premise is important not only for the classroom, but also in the wild, where certain animals are viewed more for their body parts than their livelihoods.

Catwalk Cage Keeps Cats Comfortable & Close To Home

Got an indoor cat who wants to be outdoors, and vice versa? This custom, on-off, wall-hugging wired run offers the best of both worlds to cats while providing peace of mind for their owners.

Product Review – Isle of Dogs Treats

I recently gave a shout out to a trio of healthy dog treat makers, and Isle of Dogs decided to prove to me and my readers that Scribbles would enjoy their nutritious snacks. But are they up to my co-reviewer’s lofty standards?

Glossy & Gleaming Gear For The Safest Dog Walks Ever!

Whether you enjoy evening strolls together, or if your best friend likes to drag you around, there’s a safer way to go about your exercising and bonding ritual. Here’s some stylish stuff to ensure that every walk is a safe and happy one:

Pet Tip: How To Trim Your Bird’s Nails

Does your parrot need a pedicure? Are your raven’s feet looking ragged? Does your cockatiel have cracked claws? If so, it’s time to get your bird’s nails done, and here’s how to do it:

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