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3 Tips For Travel With Cats

A house without a cat is not a home, but if you want to take your little slice of home on the road with you, you have to be smart about it. Here are three tips for better travel with cats.

Four Geometric Scratching Toys For Blockhead Cats, By Karma Products

Basic rectangular and tubular scratching toys are predictable and boring for both you and your cat. It’s true! If you’re going to place a piece of furniture in the house just for kitty to destroy it, it may as well look cool!

The Best Chew Toys for Fancy Rats & Mice

Did you know that a rodent’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lives? Our palmtop domesticated fancy mice and rats have to chew to prevent a permanent and serious dental problem, but it’s up to responsible pet owners to provide suitable material for their pet to gnaw on at all times. I've done the research, and picked out 10 gnaw-some chew toys for them!

Product Review – Moosasaurus by Tuffy

I’m proud to present Jessie, my golden retriever pal, for our first co-review. We decided to take her crocodile-like teeth for a playtest with one of the legendarily durable toys from Tuffy. (VIP Products) The Tuffy claim to fame are the ultra-durable toy line. Each toy is crafted with four layers of tough material and seven layers of stitching. Some of their basic toy shapes have been tested by tigers! If Tony and his pals can safely enjoy Tuffy toys, then surely Jessie’s steel trap of a mouth will spare Moosasaurus, right?

Mittens, Meet Mickey: The Florida Theme Park Kennel Guide

Here is a list of the most popular theme parks in Florida that offer kenneling services and what you’ll need to do before you drop your four-legged friend off for the day. Just don’t forget to buy them a souvenir squeaky gator or mouse-shaped ice cream treat too!

KatKabin: Your Kitty’s Vacation Home!

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor kitty, any of your feline friends would appreciate their own designer KatKabin. Just look at those cute pointed ears and plastic-molded whiskers!

Dogs on Wheels! The Rolling Animal Video of the Day!!!

Animals, like humans, can develop issues with their hips as they get older.  Humans get a wheelchair.  Animals... well, some of them just get wheels.

Australians Toadally Despise Cane Toad Pests

The residents of New South Wales, Australia are gearing up for wet weather the best way they know how: Galoshes, bug repellent and by gathering up all of the baby cane toads that they can. The recent deluge of wet weather in the area has provided the perfect breeding grounds for cane toads, and the more of the introduced pests that the locals can round up, the better.

Things To Consider Before Moving Your Pet Overseas

Life comes with changes. One of the biggest changes can be moving overseas with your or your spouse's job. The expatriate experience can be a great one, but is it right for Fido and Fluffy? Here are a few things to consider when making the decision whether or not to move the whole family.

Why The Alligator Snapping Turtle Is A Bad Pet Idea

There are many commonly available domesticated turtles that make excellent pets, including the red ear slider, ornate wood turtle and the painted turtle. These long-lived reptiles are an excellent way to enjoy a little piece of nature for the average reptile enthusiast, but then again, there’s always that one person who thinks that they need to own a “special” turtle to impress guests and to boost their own ego, such as the spectacular alligator snapping turtle.