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Pet Care - PetsLady.com

If you are looking for information on animal and pet care, our team of dedicated pet owners and experts share their stories, tips and creative ideas with you.

Bird care, fish care, rabbit care, ferret care, bee care, snake care, hamster care as well as dog care and cat care, we cover it all.

So if you are looking for creative ideas and helpful information that will inspire you to take better care of your pets,  please join us here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some recent articles:

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5 Tips To Deal With Pet Separation Anxiety When Kids Go Back To School

Pet separation anxiety can be a big problem when it comes time to go back to school. It's important to pay close attention to your pet and make sure the problems don't get any worse than it has to during this time. With these methods, you can help your pet recover from pet separation anxiety.

Nails Found In Merrick Dog Food

A dog owner reported finding several 'brad' nails in his dog's food bowl and in the bag of Merrick dog food from which it came. The bag was bought from a Petco in Philadelphia, PA. The owners shared their August 19th letter to Petco and Merrick with the TruthAboutPetFood website...

How To Tame An Aggressive Bird

Have a beautiful bird that's just not as friendly as you had hoped? Does he try to bite you every time you get near him, even though you mean no harm? Show your bird that you're his friend with this taming technique.

5 Common Mistakes New Cat Owners Make

Adopting a first cat is a bigger step then most people think. Many people aren't aware of the veterinary costs that are involved, the proper food they should be feeding their cat, or even how much their cat should be fed. Keep reading to learn some common mistakes that first time cat owners make.

French Scientist Succeeds In Calming Anxious Dogs With Whitefish Protein

There are some veterinarians that prescribe medicinal tranquilizers for hyperactive dogs; but talk to dog owners, and few actually want to use them. Would they try a natural supplement?  You can bet on it, based on the number of natural products on the market which claim to calm canine hyperactivity.  A French scientist, Dr. Claude Beata, recently presented his studies on a new natural product for canine anxiety that he's tested and has been approved in France.


7 Tips To Reduce Pet Allergies

Do you love your pet, but fear you might have to get rid of him due to pesky allergies? You might not have to after all. With the right methods, you can keep your home relatively allergy free, and still keep your pet.

Hot Pants For Dogs: Flirty Cover-Ups For Incontinence Or Females In Heat

Petego has come up with dog panties that totally disguise what they're all about.  In an adorable, fashionable way, the Petego Hot Pants disquise their true purpose - to act as a diaper holder for dogs who are incontinent or in heat.

Hamster Cages: Creating The Perfect Home For Your Hamster

Looking to buy a hamster, but not sure how to set up the perfect home for him? Keep reading to learn how to set up the ideal hamster cage.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are cute and playful animals that make great pets. However, there are a few things to consider before bringing one home to the family.

Product Recall: Heated Pet Bed Has Faulty Wiring!

It is very important that you stop using this product: a dog was asphyxiated and died as a result of sleeping on it.  The recalled product is the Indoor Pet Heating Comfort Pad Mat.