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Posted January 14, 2014 by Arnold Carreiro

There are many ways to go about setting up your fancy rat’s new home,
but with these invaluable tips, yours will be the happiest rats in your
home! Those rats in the attic will be so jealous!

Posted January 10, 2014 by Arnold Carreiro

Neon rubber bones and cuddly sock monkeys are dog toy staples, but if you’re ready to show off something truly unique the next time you and your canine pal hit the dog park, check out these fun oddball chew toys:

Posted December 30, 2013 by John P. Barker

You just can't fight stupid.  When watching this video, I want you to pay attention to all of the laughter.  Things like this make me angry.  Make sure your four-legged friends are safe on New Year's Eve.  Don't act like these people.

Posted December 10, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

Let’s face it: Your beautiful betta fish is far too good for the mediocre goldfish bowl that he’s drifting in right now. If you’re ready to upgrade your Siamese fighting fish’s home, while adding a piece of unique décor to your home, check out these three designer options for your frilly fish:

Posted December 8, 2013 by John P. Barker

This cat knows how to stay clean.  She even knows how to dry herself--in an oddly human manner...

Posted December 7, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

You and your pets are at your most comfortable at home, but if you
haven’t been careful with keeping toxic common household items far away
from fuzzy, feathered and scaly family members, you’re asking for
trouble. Here’s some simple tips to avoid having to take Fido to get his
tummy pumped:

Posted December 7, 2013 by kat

From December 5 to December 8, 2013, Petsmart is having a Friends and
Family Sale. Yo ucan get 15% off of  $60, 20% off $100 or 30% off $150
or more. Use code 12FF60. Free shipping with no minimums. Sale is over tomorrow, so make sure to go and stock up on basics here.

Posted December 5, 2013 by Arnold Carreiro

You love your cat, but you absolutely hate it when kitty doesn’t do her
business within the confines of her plastic litter box, and it’s driving
you nuts. Don’t worry! I’ve got a handy diagnostic checklist to figure
out exactly why the cat is missing her mark.