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Top 5 Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

One thing many pet owners don't consider are natural pet cleaning solutions. Many standard cleaning products have been revealed to contain toxic substances, and can lead to short and long-term health problems for both humans and pets. Furthermore, most cleaning products don't provide an accurate disclosure of their contents. So, instead of exposing you and your pet to potentially toxic substances, why not invest in some of these natural cleaning solutions?

Birds-Eye View Of Hurricane Sandy From The Rear-view Mirror [Video]

Both bird and humans residing in the Northeast corridor of the U.S. witnessed their habitats and communities at odds with nature most recently. The devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy played havoc to the coast as well as mainland New Jersey and New York. Similar to migrating birds, "snow birds, or New Jersey residents who winter in Florida were fortunate to escape Hurricane Sandy, while the rest of us got a bird's eye view of Mother Nature's wrath.

Two Products Help Slow Down Your Dog's Dinner

Does your dog eat like a horse? Does he just wolf down his kibble? While it may be second nature for canines to gobble their food, eating too quickly can cause them problems like choking and bloating, and can even lead to serious conditions like gastric dilation. Here are a couple of products that can help slow down your dog's meals.

High Tech Pet: Safe, Secure, & Smart Electronic Pet Door

Does your pet sit by the door waiting for you to open it, even though he can easily push through his pet door if he wants to go out?  Funny thing, but many pets don't take well to pushing through a heavy piece of plastic to get out.  It doesn't feel right.  Besides that, he can't see what's on the opposite site of the dog door.  High Tech Pet has made a pet door that's different from the others...

Petmate Curvations Luxury Pet Carrier- Product Review

There are many pros and cons to each a soft pet carrier and a hard plastic pet carrier. With this pet carrier, you have the best of both worlds as it is a soft, and hard pet carrier.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Treats For Your Pet

Thanksgiving is a time for family, good food, compassion and thanks. It's important not to leave your pet out this holiday season. Show your pet appreciation this holiday with these 5 Thanksgiving treats for your pet.

Dr. Elsey's Premium Cat Litters- Product Review

Choosing a good cat litter is essential to not only your cat's health, but also to ensure that your cat uses the litter box. This is my absolute favorite brand of litter.

The Basics Of Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Though the Thanksgiving feast might be the best part of your holiday weekend, it's important to know the basics of Thanksgiving pet safety. Here are some safe pet tips for your Thanksgiving.

How To Thoroughly Spoil Your Hamsters In 10 Safe & Fun Habitats

Hamsters are such cute pets and are so easy to take care of.  Hamsters make perfect pets for kids to help teach them responsibility for caring for pets, as hamsters and kids can amuse each other so easily. Here is some experienced advice about hamster care and what to look for when outfitting your hamster with habitats, extensions, and toys that are safe and fun for hamsters and kids, big or small.

5 Tips To Keep Your Pets Free From Fleas

We all love our furry friends, but while they bring us companionship and love, they can also bring us something rather less welcome: fleas!  Fleas are not an easy problem to control, so it is vital that you take the right methods of prevention.  Here are 5 top tips that will help keep your pets - and your home - free from these terrible itch-makers!