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If you are looking for information on animal and pet care, our team of dedicated pet owners and experts share their stories, tips and creative ideas with you.

Bird care, fish care, rabbit care, ferret care, bee care, snake care, hamster care as well as dog care and cat care, we cover it all.

So if you are looking for creative ideas and helpful information that will inspire you to take better care of your pets,  please join us here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some recent articles:

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How to Choose The Best Pet Day Care For Your Dog

Many dog owners spend more time away from their dog than they'd like. They might even feel guilty for leaving their dog at home. Worse, the dog might have separation anxiety, and barely be able to handle being alone. The right pet day care can help solve these problems, to leave your dog a little happier.

2012 Report On The State Of Our Pets' Health

Banfield Pet Hospital, which has 800 hospitals in 43 states, collects and analyzes data on all the dogs and cats seen by its veterinarians every year.  In a report issued yearly, the Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health, lets the rest of us know everything from what brings pets to the vet to what names pets are given these days.  Here's a summary of what's going on in 2012....



Feeding Your Ferret: The Ideal Ferret Diet

Because of a ferret's short digestive track, and unique carnivorous diet, it can be difficult to find a proper balance when feeding your ferret. This article will teach proper nutrition for your ferret, and how you can address it.

The Best Way To Wash A Dog

Is your dirty dog stinking up your house? It might be time for a bath. Read on to learn the best way to bathe your dog.

Who's Your Cat's Furrier? Try The Kong Zoom Groom

Who would have thought that a thick-pronged rubber brush would be an effective furrier for a cat.  It sure was for mine.  Kong's Zoom Groom is not just effective; it's a cat treat!

4 Ways To Stop Your Ferret From Biting

Is your new ferret a little nippy? Are you not sure how to get him to stop? This article will teach you how to train your ferret to stop biting.

5 Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Exercise is extremely beneficial to both you and your pet. With the right exercise routine, you can bond with your dog, and get a fantastic work out. Read on to learn 5 great ways to exercise with your dog.

What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird

It can be heartbreaking to find a baby bird alone on the sidewalk. Your first instinct might be to help it, but how do you know exactly what you should do? Keep reading to find the best ways to care for a baby bird, to ensure its safety and survival. 

5 Easy Methods To Litter Train Your Ferret

Ferrets are intelligent animals that can easily be trained to use the litter box. Litter training your ferrets will improve smell and cleanliness, and promote a better environment for your pets. Read on to learn how to litter train your ferrets.

CDC Reports Diamond Pet Food Salmonella Outbreak Is Over

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) issued its 'Final Update' of its investigation of Salmonella infantis, which was found in 20 US states and Canada, and caused by the contamination of pet foods in Diamond Pet Food's manufacturing facilities.  "This particular outbreak appears to be over," the report said. "However, Salmonella is still an important cause of human illness in the United States."

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