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Posted January 26, 2011 by Lady Bee

How often would you like to just pop your dog in the car and go? But, if
you're like me, you don't have enough protection in your four-wheeled
vehicle to keep your four-legged darling safe and your car clean! Well,
Kurgo's come out with with a few gadgets that you might want to look
into. Here are my three favorites....

Posted January 17, 2011 by Anonymous

Do cats deserve eco-friendly homes too? Herb'n Maid and SPACE Architecture & Design thinks so and are hosting an eco-challenge called Gimme Shelter to help city cats. To win contestants have to build an eco-friendly pet home.

Posted January 12, 2011 by Lady Bee

Bring home a new cat, or put yours on a diet, restrict his outings... What will your cat do?

Posted December 22, 2010 by Lady Bee

Whether you're bringing home a new pet this season or just trying to
calm down the ones that are already stressed out by guests, new
no-no's, or just your own anticipation, there's a remedy to the rescue!

Posted December 1, 2010 by Anonymous

Ever wish you could enjoy and ice-cold brew with your dog without
worrying about harmful side-effects? Thanks to Dutch-made "Dog Beer" you

Posted October 28, 2010 by Lady Bee

I've written a lot of blogs about pet toys, but I don't write a lot about laser toys.  There's a reason for that, and with the holidays soon upon us, I want to share my thoughts about buying laser toys as pet gifts.

Posted October 21, 2010 by Lady Bee

Lily, the guinea pig (dog) for her parents TrimDog Weight Loss System, releases her before and after photos to the press....

Posted August 18, 2010 by Lady Bee

Birds in the wild can groom their nails, or claws, on the rough
branches of trees.  They can bathe in the rain, the ocean, bay, or
brook.  But what about pet birds?  They also have a natural need to
groom themselves.