Urine Gone! But Is It Really Gone? - A Product Review

As pet owners we have all been through this experience:

You get home from work only to find a large yellow stain on your carpet (or couch-which is even worse) and a heavy smell of ammonia in the air.  This stain looks to have been there for a while and your pet is slinking about the house with a guilty look on its face.  You know-the look that says, "I'm really sorry but I couldn't help it." Pet Urine!

Enter the Urine Gone UG101R Stain and Odor Eliminator Kit.  Just the name of this cleaner says it all.  A rather cool bonus that is included in this kit is a black light so that you can track down exactly where your pet left you that fine little liquid gift.  This allows you to scan the carpet for older stains that you may have missed-and newer ones that may have sunken into a darker carpet.  Have fun with it; pretend you're on CSI.

But does all of this stuff work after a fifty-pound dog unleashes the wrath of incontinence on your $2000 Persian rug?

Apparently it does-at least in some cases.  Many users tout the ability of the enzymes in Urine Gone to break down not only the stain, but also the odor of that kind little mess left on the carpet-or on the couch, chairs, walls, and hardwood floors.

However, users are mixed on the use of this product on the most nefarious smell ever: cat pee.  Truly, cat pee is foul.  If you've never smelled it, just mix a bucket full of ammonia, vomit, and orange juice and take a whiff.  When you wake up you may have slight brain damage-but you'll have a pretty good approximation of that fine odor.  For some users, Urine Gone worked great on cat pee; for others, not at all.

 The primary complaint stems from the amount of Urine Gone that it takes to clean a stain.  Apparently it takes quite a bit, making refill bottles a must.

Other issues arise from the smell of the enzyme, which some users stated "smells worse than cat urine."  I find this difficult to believe (astronomically difficult, actually).

And in some cases users state that Urine Gone did not work at all.  It's rather odd to see such a varied opinion on a product and I have to wonder if this maybe has something to do with the breed of the pet and/or the amount of time before the enzyme is sprayed onto the stain.

So it seems that Urine Gone comes in at around a 50% efficacy rate.  And as mentioned above, perhaps this is a cleaner that only works on certain "types" of urine-the way that only certain pain killers or cholesterol medicines work on some people but not others.

This may be something worth looking into. You can read reviews and buy Urine Gone here.


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