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Sweet O'Neil
Posted on September 17, 2018

In San Raphael, California, a guide dog in training named O'Neil became a hero when he saved the lives of two people from an out of control. car. Read to learn more about this amazing dog hero.

Dog Rescues Infant
Posted on August 28, 2018

A new-born baby girl, believed to have been discarded by her teenage parents and left to die under a bridge, was found safe and sound. Authorities credit her survival to the heroic efforts of a local farm dog who refused to leave her side.

Toby and Grateful Owner
Posted on August 16, 2018

Meet Toby, a two-year-old Golden Retriever who saved his owner's life by jumping up and down on her chest while she was choking on a piece of fruit.

Bear The Hero Dog
Posted on July 30, 2018

Meet Bear, a hero Black Labrador who saved the life of 14 month-old Stanley Drauch, after he fell into the family swimming pool. Read on for more about this amazing family dog.

The Cat Hat
Posted on July 22, 2018

Meet Terfel, a blind dog suffering from cataracts and Pwdidtat, his hero, seeing-eye cat who uses her paws to guide him around their home in Holyhead, North Wales. Read on for more about their loving and amazing friendship.

Hero Chrome
Posted on July 13, 2018

A few months ago, a hero dog named Chrome saved a Texas family from being burned to death. Read on for more details about this brave rescue dog and the family he saved

Sweet and Loyal Kilo The Pit Bull
Posted on July 2, 2018

Meet Kilo, a 12-year-old Pit Bull who was shot in the head when he tries to save the life of his owner during a robbery.

Khan and Baby Charlotte
Posted on June 26, 2018

Some time ago, in Atherton, Australia, a rescued Doberman Pinscher in his new home for just four days saved a baby girl from a deadly snake attack. Read on for more about brave Khan.

Aurora and Max
Posted on June 11, 2018

Meet a very special dog named Max.  Deaf and partially blind, this 17 year-old canine saved the life of a three year-old child lost for more than 15 hours  in the Australian Bushland.

Hungry Shark
Posted on May 31, 2018

A hero humpback whale saved the life of a whale biologist a few months ago.

Sweet Lefty The Pit Bull
Posted on May 22, 2018

Sweet Lefty the Pit Bull saved the lives of her human family by attacking one of four intruders who invaded their Accomack, Virginia home ar

Tiger The Hero Siamese Cat
Posted on May 12, 2018

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, one resident named Mark Burger is a very lucky man.

Moe The Hero Golden Retriever
Posted on April 30, 2018

A Golden Retriever named Moe is being hailed as a hero in his hometown of Pittsburg, California. His quick actions helped to save the life of a drowning man. Read on for more about this loyal dog.

Piper At Work
Posted on April 23, 2018

Meet Piper, an extraordinary Border Collie. who for the last three years of his  life, served as a K-9 Wildlife Control Officer at the Traverse City, Michigan Airport. Read on for more about this well-loved and talented animal hero.

Charlie and His Hero Best Friend
Posted on April 11, 2018

There's a reason why his name rhymes with hero, although it was not deliberately intended.

Kerry Gold
Posted on March 30, 2018

In this animal hero account, a horse named Kerry Gold came to the aid of her mistress, dairy farmer, Fiona Boyd, who was pinned down and about to be trampled by an angry mother cow.

Donkey Named Donkey
Posted on March 22, 2018

In St. Lucie, Florida, a mother and her two daughters were attacked by a pack of wild dogs that had killed two of their beloved miniature horses.

Charile At Work
Posted on March 13, 2018

Meet Charlie, a two year-old yellow Labrador  Retriever hailing from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, trained to sniff out the chemicals that are used to manufacture electronics.

Hero Palomino
Posted on March 2, 2018

A Palomino horse saved the day for its Australian owner when she was dragged from the saddle by a large, vicious dog biting and pulling on her leg. The horse fought off the dog, sustaining terrible woulds.

Winnie The Wonder Cat
Posted on February 22, 2018

New Castle, Indiana, is the home of Winnie The Wonder Cat, although she wears no cape to identify herself.

Girl With Lion Rescuers
Posted on February 14, 2018

Can ferocious lions show kindness to humans in distress? While there may be some enduring examples, most people would probably say no.

Cleo the Heroine Cat
Posted on February 7, 2018

This is a tale of rescue involving a very shy cat and unlikely heroine named Cleo. Fearful of strangers, this adorable, devoted cat stepped out of that box (litter and otherwise) to save the life of her owner who was having a heart attack.

Baby Saves Family
Posted on January 26, 2018

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Baby, the super pit bull, who saved the lives of her human and canine family. Read more about this wonderful dog and her brave and valiant spirit.

Buddy and Rick Chap
Posted on January 19, 2018

In Orlando, Florida, there lives one very special cat. His name is Buddy and he belongs to the Chap family. He proved his mettle a while ago when he saved his owner from the ravages of a sudden heart attack.

Lilly Loses Leg
Posted on January 11, 2018

Here's an amazing tale about a Pitt Bull Terrier named Lilly who came to the aid of her owner who had fallen onto the tracks of an oncoming train, hit her head and lost consciousness.