Posted December 8, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Today is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day and I am all ready to go! I am pretending to be the robotic dog that traveled with Doctor Who. His name is K-9.

Posted December 5, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

We aren't crazy about bath time but Mom has made it a party with funny hats and toys.

Posted December 4, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

I have made a decision about this Christmas. I hope Mom doesn't mind. This year we won't have thumbprint cookies. We'll have paw print cookies.

Posted December 2, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Okay. I've packed my chew toys and am ready to go to Grandma's house!

Posted December 1, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

This bear is at the wrong end of the planet! I'd better wake him up and tell him that.

Posted November 30, 2017 by Creature Features

Like most kids, an 18-month-old boy from southern India gets up to all sorts of monkeyshines. The difference is, his mischief-making involves a troop of actual monkeys.

Posted November 30, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Hey, Dad! There's something really wrong with this ornament you put on the tree. Come and look!

Posted November 28, 2017 by Creature Features

Conservative politician and former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski was spied reading an illustrated book about cats during an official session of parliament.