Wetnoz makes upscale pet products, mostly dinnerware, and mostly for dogs.  Its wares are well made and very stylish, as you would expect from an upscale designer.  Now, styled just like the fancier stainless steel bowls in the Wetnoz Metro Line, Wetnoz has styled the new Scoop n' Serve bowl without the steel liner to make the scoop dish much more affordable.  You'll be glad, because the design is darn cool and convenient.

First, the concept is great.  Scoop n' Serve means you do everything in one fell swoop, if you'll excuse the expression. Use the bowl as a scoop to get the kibble out of the container, and voilà, you've got just the amount of food you need for your dog's supper.  Dig in; put the shovel down, and it becomes a bowl!

Here's the upscale version... the Wetnoz Metro Scoop n' Serve just in case you want to spurge.  These come in 1 cup and 4 cup sizes and are made of ABS plastic and brushed stainless steel.  The handles and feet are non-skid rubber.


Wetnoz Metro Scoop n' ServeWetnoz Metro Scoop n' Serve


Downscaled a bit, in the Wetnoz Studio Collection, is the Wetnoz Studio Scoop n' Serve dog bowl made just like the stainless Scoop n' Serve, but without the stainless.  Three colors - blue, orange, and white - are available in 1 cup, 3 cup, and 5 cup sizes at prices far lower than those in the Wetnoz Metro Line.

Wetnoz Studio Collection Scoop n' ServeWetnoz Studio Collection Scoop n' Serve


The Wetnoz dog bowls are available at Petsmart's online store only.


That's the buzz for today!