It’s a proven fact that Japan would be overrun by zebras, polar bears and rhinoceroses if it weren’t for the yearly practice drills performed at zoos all over the nation. Let’s take a closer look at how someone stops a rampaging gorilla:


Here we see the rare Unimpressed Pig-Nosed Gorilla prancing about the Ueno Zoo earlier this month, and how quickly the zoo’s well-trained staff springs into action to corral and tranquilize this terrifying ape. (Not for the faint of heart!)


This bipedal zebra seems much more agitated when he attempted his big escape from the Tama Zoo last year. Look how this striped menace carelessly tossed that poor zookeeper to the pavement! I’m just glad that this menace was taken down before he could do any more damage.


This poor rhinoceros was just out on a harmless stroll through the Tokyo Zoo when it was poked in the face with metal polls, framed for trampling keepers (It didn’t even touch them! Fakers!), shot with a dart, and was tackled so hard, one of its ears was dislocated! Zoo brutality! But if we learned anything from this horrific mistreatment of endangered animals, it’s that rhinos aren’t intimidated by buckets.


To be fair, this perturbed polar bear really had it coming when it was recovered by the Tokyo Zoo. Look at the bloodlust in that bear’s eyes, and you’ll know just how dire the situation was. Dozens of innocent people were slightly nudged by the raging polar bear, and many more received stern looks of pure annoyance during the deadly beast’s berserk run through the zoo.

Come on, Japan! Spring for the extra-strength door locks! If animals can escape your zoos this easily, I’m sure it’ll have a negative effect on tourism… But if you do decide to brave the terror of a Japanese zoo, I’d go with that nice lady from the polar bear video. She’d let herself get eaten by the wild animal, and you’d have a chance to make a safe break for it!

Source: MSN News