The Truth About Aloof
©1999 by Laurie Kay Olson

Bathroom Cats (Image via The Cat House on the Kings)Bathroom Cats (Image via The Cat House on the Kings)

Some people say cats are aloof,
But folks I've got to tell the truth --
You see, the whiskered ones I own
Will rarely leave me all alone.
They want so much to be with me
That now I have to privacy.
They stare up at me when I eat,
They gather closely at my feet,
They sleep next to me on the bed
And they always want to be fed.
I rarely know the luxury
Of enjoying a private pee.
I get self-conscious I confess
Because they like to watch me dress.
I've had whiskers poked in my ears.
I've had raspy tongues dry my tears.
When I talk on the telephone
They can't stand to be left alone.
Even when I'm being a grouch
They'll curl up with me on the couch.
So see -- I'll need a lot more proof
To believe that cats are aloof.