Even though the giraffe is an ungulate, which includes over 250 species,
it is probably one of the most unique of the family. For starters, the
giraffe is the largest land mammal on the planet. Other animals in
Africa rely on their massive height to determine if predators are in the
neighborhood since they have the best view.

 Giraffe (Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Giraffe (Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Other fun junk about giraffes:

  •  Giraffes are able to clean their own ears with their tongues.
  • A giraffe can drink up to 12 gallons at one go and can go longer without water than a camel.
  • In Atlanta, Georgia, it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a street lamp or telephone pole (don't you wonder what would cause a law like that to be passed?).
  • At birth giraffes fall an average of six feet to the ground. 
  • Due to their height and the size of their hearts, camels have one of the highest blood pressures of any animal -- about twice that of a human.
  • Europeans, at their most scientific brilliant, once thought that the giraffe was the offspring of a camel and leopard mating, and called it a camelopard.

Source: All Trivia