If your child or pet has a habit of wandering off, this electronic device may be just the ticket.  The Kid Finder Remote Tracking Device, from Princeton, can track children, pets and luggage up to 295 feet outdoors or 98 feet indoors. 

The Kid FinderThe Kid Finder

The Kid Finder remote has directional tracking, giving you the direction and distance of your child, pet or other item. The transmitter also has a handy SOS alarm that sends an alarm to the remote control device, just in case.

The Kid Finder system includes a transmitter, remote control,  handy Velcro strap, lanyard and a manual - although it is written in Japanese.  Kid Finder runs on 4 AAA batteries and retails for $108.

As long as your pet or child doesn't lose the Kid Finder device, this product will help keep track of those near and dear to our hearts.

Source and Photo:  Japan Trend Shop