While I’m not advocating violence, watching animals fight over territory, food and mating rights in nature is both awe inspiring and fun. Big and tough creatures are smacking, clawing, and bashing skulls all over Canada and the United States, and I’ve found three really impressive fights caught on video!

Bighorn Sheep


These massive sheep are famous for smashing skulls over the right to mate, and while their numbers were once in the millions throughout the western half of the continent, hunting and diseases carried over from livestock have demoted the wild population to several thousand. With a thick skull, huge horns and a fearless attitude, these are the scariest sheep you’ll ever meet!




Sure, they may seem like cute and tubby blobs as they float on the ice, adult walruses are a force to be reckoned with. Not only can adults weigh well over 4,000lbs, but their huge tusks may grow out to 3 feet or longer. No one wants to be near a walrus who’s throwing his weight around!

Grizzly Bear



Like anyone needs to tell you how scary it would be if you got between the shaggy giants in the video… These solitary animals fight each other for food and to protect their cubs, and when they do, watching the fur fly as they (literally) beat the crap out of each other is an impressive sight!

Sources: National Geographic, YouTube