If you enjoy a good hack and being a rebel, the website
IkeaHackers.net is loaded with clever DIY’s for how to turn different Ikea
products into just about anything, including things your beloved dog would
enjoy. After looking through pages upon pages of how-to’s, we found the coolest
hacks for pooch lovin’ DIY-ers.

1.  1. Bunk Beds For Pets

Are you serious? This is the coolest thing
ever. Who doesn’t love bunk beds? "They make so much more room for activities." This bunk bed DIY for pets is a must see.

2. Floating Feeding Station

This hack utilizes floating shelves to
create a feeding station/shelving/an attractive console table. It’s a
win/win/win if you ask us.

3. DIY Dog Gate

This dog gate is 100x better looking than
most dog gates out there. You can’t beat style plus function.

4. Platform Dog Bed

Who doesn’t enjoy the sleek look of a platform
? Now Fido can rest in style.

5. Sleek Food Bar

This food bar looks super high end. Give
your favorite pup a fancy area just for them to dine like royalty.

6. Dog Proof Trash & Recycling Cabinet

Dogs love foraging in the trash. Keep them
out with this dog proof trash & recycling cabinet. You’ll thank yourself

7. Cushioned Dog Window Seat

Give your dog a comfortable place to park
their behinds while watching for birds and squirrels through the window with
this cushioned doggie window seat.

8. Dog Butt Coat Rack

So there are a couple versions of coat
racks for dog lovers that use these hilarious dog butt hanging rack hooks. This
first wooden dog butt coat rack is funny but classy all at once.

This coat rack cleverly made to look like a dog digging in the grass
is definitely more playful.

Which one would your pup want you to jot down on your doggy-do list?