Even in Florida, where alligators are fairly common, are you likely to
see a raccoon riding an alligator. Richard Jones was out for a walk with
his family along the Ocklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest last
Sunday morning when the incident occurred. He was lucky enough to be able
to snap the photo at just the right moment.

Raccoon Surfing on an Alligator (Image via WFTV)Raccoon Surfing on an Alligator (Image via WFTV)

Jones believes that it was his son when he walked through some palm fronds that startled the raccoon into making what could have been a fatal mistake. Jones snapped the photo quickly just as the alligator started to submerge. At the same time the raccoon ran off to live another day.

The resulting picture makes it look like the raccoon was just calmly hitching a ride like it was just another day in the Sunshine State. "Definitely the photo of a lifetime." said Jones.

Source: WFTV