The scrawny kitten that jumped from a tree limb into my arms as three dogs competed for his tail, decided to adopt us four years ago. Now, fat and lazy, no longer wanting to stray from the hot tiled roof or the nest of jasmine on the patio, Bella (we thought he was a she), made pussy cats out of the dogs, and life was just as he liked it.

Then I bought the Fling-ama-String Battery-Operated Cat Toy, filled it with batteries, hooked it up to a door knob, wrapped it securely below the door and up to the knob on the opposite side of the door and turned it on.

Bella was not around when I hooked it up. He was sleeping, as usual, on the "penthouse" of his cat tree. As I watched the toy's multi-colored continuous cord spin around the door, and the string lunging out the bottom like a snake's tongue, my lazy boy crept in to see what was making the new noise. He sat next to me, staring at the Fling-ama-String doing its thing, looking only mildly curious... until he sprang for it... you know, the way cats do.

That was four days ago and it's still hard to tear him away. The cat is totally addicted to the Fling-ama-String. He plays with it for a couple of hours at a time and then I have to close him in another room until I can take down the toy. When I get back to him with some treats or catnip to distract him, he's asleep from exhaustion.

Bella's never had a toy like the Fling-ama-String. He can't wait to play with it, and it's a great stress reliever for me to watch him hunt that little string down, using all his clever wiles, stares, pounces, paw slaps... all the punches... no string. And when you put him on the opposite side of the door, he tries to reach that blasted string from underneath (as you will see in the video, below)!

Cats can get pretty bored hanging around the house all the time. The 2-speed Fling-ama-String Battery-Operated Cat Toy is one cat toy that will get your lazy cat hopping. I am experimenting with a once daily or once every two-day play time for Bella and the Fling-ama-String, so we can keep the toy exciting for him.

I have pains in my cheek muscles from laughing at my cat try to capture the viper-like string. Is this toy for him or for me?

This You-Tube video pretty much sums it up from the cat's perspective:

Check out the the Fling-ama-String Battery-Operated Cat Toy at its originator: Moody Pet. Fling-ama-String... great name!

That's the buzz for today!