Duma is one cute Jack Russell terrier -- and smart, too. Not only can
the seven-year-old pooch wakeboard behind a speedboat driven by her
owner, Cliff Bode, when she climbs back onto the boat, she takes the
wheelDuma and her owner,Cliff Bode, St. Patrick's Day (You Tube Image)Duma and her owner,Cliff Bode, St. Patrick's Day (You Tube Image) and does the driving. Last month she wowed the crowds at the
Vancouver International Boat Show with her amazing skills.

This sea dog began her water-logged career on the Chicago River when she was just one year old. She was apparently a natural. Every time Bode took her out on the boat she would jump in his lap and grab the wheel. She moved along to driving while sitting in his lap and now she can drive it on her own (with Bode on remote control). Duma got so much attention for her ability that Bode decided to find out if there was more that she had the talent to do. He got inspired by the memory of the water skiing squirrel. 

Duma WaterboardingDuma Waterboarding

She also took to riding her little board behind a real speed boat like she had been born to do it. Now she is routinely kitted out in her life vest, "doggles," and helmet ready to take on the waves. Bode says that she has a really good grip and a great sense of balance.

Not to be outdone by other sports legends, she even has an endorsement from Rock Star energy drinks. Her life vest now displays their logo. Fame and fortune aside, Duma seems to truly love what she is doing -- almost as much as she loves Bode.

Perhaps she decided to take up this vocation as a way to chase that water skiing squirrel out there.

Source: Mail Online