Encourage pollinators into your garden by providing the bees a home. This
awesome Bee House is just the thing to get your local bees to set up
housekeeping right in your yard.

Bee HouseBee House

The Bee House is designed to imitate the kind of tree preferred by the Mason Bee. These bees are gentle, non-aggressive, and great pollinators. This cozy little cottage gives the bees a protected place to store their larvae and lends support to the endangered bee populations. You will be able to just sit back and enjoy these humming pollinators as they provide you with hours of peaceful entertainment for years to come. Watching them come and go will make a truly Zzzzzzen experience.

Bee HouseBee House

The handcrafted by artisans in Canada. It is made of copper, stoneware, and bamboo for a 100% weatherproof construction. 

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