Apparently, it's not just pigs you should be looking out for when soaring through the air. An equally unlikely animal found itself high in the sky this week, stowing away in one of the wings of a glider.

The flight appears to start out normally as pilot and his passenger take in the scenery of the French countryside below them. Then, around the 37-second mark, the onboard camera captures a shadow beginning to appear in the glider's left wing.

As the video progresses, it's apparent that it's a black and white cat, windblown and terrified, looking for comfort from its human companions. Around the 1-minute mark in the video, the pilot spots the unexpected passenger clinging to the wing for dear life. Even after landing (safely, I might add) the cat needs some persauding to let go.

5 Things We Learned From This

  1. Cats will sleep anywhere
  2. Cats do not like heights
  3. Parachutes shoud come in cat size
  4. The appropriate response when finding a cat on a glider with you is to laugh
  5. Always check your wings for frisky felines pre-flight