The bubble eye goldfish lives a rather solitary life. This is all because
of the very quality that gives this distinctive goldfish its name. Those
bubbles are apparently easily popped. The goldfish should live alone to
prevent other fish from swimming in to him and bursting his eyes.
Despite this problem and the, well, ugly appearance, the fish has become
the must-have pet among South African fish fans.Bubble Eye Goldfish (Photo by Angie Torres/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Bubble Eye Goldfish (Photo by Angie Torres/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

The "bubbles" that cause the eyes to point upward are actually fluid-filled sacs. Even water plants and aquarium accessories should be kept away from the fish to protect the fragile eyes. The slightest touch can cause a puncture. The good news is that the fish are able to grow new sacs. The bad news is that the new bubble will most likely grow in in a different size and shape, making the strange-looking creature look even stranger.

In the right environment the bubble eye goldfish can grow up to eight inches long. However most of the fish don't live long enough to grow that large. They are prone to infection from these sacs bursting.

Bubble Eye Goldfish (Photo by Jordan Hartig/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Bubble Eye Goldfish (Photo by Jordan Hartig/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Not all fish experts believe that they should be kept from other fish because of the danger of puncture. A reason that they give that the bubble eye might best be kept separate is because it is rather slow and faster fish will eat all the food before the bubble eye can get to it.  They do agree that decorations and plants should be limited and must not have any points or sharp edges. It is okay to keep bubble eye goldfish with other bubble eye goldfish.

If you want a pet that will always be looking up to you, this is the one.

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