Workers at the airport in Glasgow, Scotland got quite a surprise last
week when they were finishing up the arrival of a flight from Cancun.
They found a snake curled up under one of the seats on the plane. The
scaly little Mexican Snake (Photo by Ltshears/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Mexican Snake (Photo by Ltshears/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)stowaway had either sneaked on the plane himself or
secreted himself in a piece of carry-on luggage.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals removed the snake from the plane and took him to its animal center. There the 18-inch reptile was named "Furtivo," which is the Spanish word for "sneak." It is a member of the Dryadophis family of snakes, native to Mexico. They are nonvenomous but spunky.

The little Mexican expatriate will reside at the center until a suitable foster home that can provide expert care.

Source: The Guardian 


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