Everyone knows that dogs are loyal to their humans, but every now and
then a dog comes along who goes above and beyond. Sissy, a ten-year-old
miniature Schnauzer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is just such a dog. When her
human dad, Dale Franck, let her and her brother Barney out for a potty
break she took off on a 20-block sojourn to visit her human mom, Nancy,
in the hospital.

Sissy the Dog (You Tube Image)Sissy the Dog (You Tube Image)

Nancy had been in the hospital for more than a week recovering from surgery for cancer and the dog was apparently missing her something fierce. Even though Sissy still had Dad and Barney at home, it just wasn't enough.

Sissy somehow knew where Nancy was and made the trek all on her own and even managed to enter Mercy Medical Center on her own. Hospital security cameras caught her inside the hospital trying to find Nancy. The one part of her journey Sissy could not figure out was the elevators. She ended up being apprehended by hospital security. 

Sissy the Dog (You Tube Image)Sissy the Dog (You Tube Image)

Dale's frantic search for Sissy in the wee hours of the morning came to an end when he received a call from hospital security saying that she was there. Dale asked their daughter to make the trip to the hospital to pick up Sissy. The daughter convinced the guards to let the dog visit Nancy before she took her home.

Nancy couldn't believe what her daughter brought into her room that morning. Sissy was wiggling and squirming excitedly and making little happy noises at the sight of her beloved human. The visit did a world of good for both woman and dog.

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