A company by the name Chien Bizarre (which means "strange dog" in French) has created a luxury line of furs for decking out the divine dog. These outfits are the perfect complement to those diamond dog collars you have already been thinking about buying. The coats are just the thing for keeping that winter chill away from your hallowed hound. With your mutt in mink you are really stylin' now.

 The CarolineThe Caroline

While it is an all-natural product from a species that is not endangered, it would probably be best to keep an eye out for anyone from PETA who might want to change your thinking.

Each coat is made to order based on your dog's individual measurements, and each one is lined with silk. Keeping your dog in the lap of luxury might not be as expensive as you might think. These mink coats run just over $1,200 USD.  For more information or to order, click here.